HFP-A145 New Replacement Fuel Pump Assembly with Sending Unit

September 16, 2018 - Comment
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This is a HIGH QUALITY value-for-money OEM replacement fuel pump that will perform as well as or BETTER and quieter than the competition. You are purchasing a complete In-tank Fuel Pump Assembly, including the gas tank level Sending Unit. A complete assembly is the easiest installation option and requires the least amount of technical knowledge and effort to install. HFP produces quality cost effective alternatives to replace your OEM pump, and every HFP fuel pump comes with a LIFETIME replacement warranty. This HFP brand pump is QS9000 certified by RC Engineering. It is efficient, quiet, long lasting, and designed to maintain the high pressures that modern fuel injected vehicles require. Numerous advantages have been designed into HFP pumps which are not found in other OEM replacement fuel pumps. Notably, HFP pumps are significantly quieter. Instead of the vibrating hum that is usually associated with aftermarket OEM replacement pumps, HFP pumps produce only a very faint sound ONLY during priming (when the key is first turned on) and are virtually SILENT when the engine is running. The HFP manufacturing quality control process is rigorous and comprehensive and pumps are designed to last for 100,000 miles.

Product Features

  • HFP pumps meet or exceed OEM specifications in fit, form and function. Includes everything you need for a full easy replacement
  • Includes Superior Impeller outer-case mechanism to maximize fuel flow
  • This pump is designed and constructed for problem free operation in excess of 100,000 miles
  • HFP Support is USA based and provided by USA technicians. Contact us with any questions or installation issues and we will respond promptly.
  • Ships from the USA


Ray Whisperer says:

Worked great Not for me, helped a friend work on his car. Did the trick. Just had to change a connector, which was no problem.

Larry says:

Great company. HFP is great company I will all way do business with them. Love HFP.

Maria says:

Fixed my car Said it would fit my car and it did. Now my car is up and running again. Saved over 100 buying it on Amazon instead of at the local parts stores 🙂

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