Hoover Genuine Paws Rubberized Pet Wiper Blade Upholstery Tool – Great for Pet Hair Pickup – to be Used with T-Series Models

June 19, 2019 - Comment
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Rubberized Wiper Blade Pet Tool may be used to clean pet hair off of upholstered furniture, draperies, mattresses, clothing, and carpeted stairs. To attach tool to wand or hose, push firmly into place.

Product Features

  • Hoover Genuine Parts
  • 1-pack
  • Compatibile with most Hoover uprights with hose width of 32mm
  • Great for removing stubborn pet hair


Anonymous says:

For rugs like in my kitchen or bathroom I bought this to use as an attachment on my ShopVac to help get the cat hair (from my lovely Norwegian Forest cat) that ends up getting EVERYWHERE that she sits, which is my couch and other furniture. This works excellently on upholstery and even rugs. I did try it on carpet several times, and it does work, but it does take a few passes depending on the pile of the carpet you are trying to vacuum. For rugs like in my kitchen or bathroom, since they are low-pile and the low pile height, this…

Anonymous says:

Better than the spinning brushes This is a simple, but incredible product. It wiped the dog hair right off my furniture. Before this, I had the turbo spinning brush tool. It was moderately effective, but broke within 6 months of owning it. Don’t waste money on fancy tools, this is all you need.

Anonymous says:

The red tool I received doesn’t work. The yellow tool seems like it would. I was pretty disappointed when I got my tool in the mail. It was red, and has hard, inflexible plastic blades that were no better at picking up pet hair than the hard plastic tools that I already have. It shipped from “4LessDiscounts”. At the time I thought, “it’s probably not worth the cost of mailing it back.” Then I found the yellow version of this tool in a local store (see in the photos where I’m pushing on the blades with my thumb). It’s blades ARE rubberized, as described in this…

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