Hopkins 39504 BrakeBuddy Vantage Select Brake System

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Motorhome brakes were not designed to stop the added weight of a towed vehicle. RV’ers towing a vehicle need BrakeBuddy, the best selling auxiliary braking system that shortens the overall stopping distance and keeps them legal with all North American towing laws. Expect legendary performance, reliability, and ease of use with your BrakeBuddy.

The brakes on your motorhome were designed to stop the coach and its contents, but not the added weight of a towed vehicle. This is why states and provinces in North America have passed laws requiring auxiliary brakes for towed vehicles. The added weight of the towed vehicle will significantly lengthen your stopping distance, which increases the chance of an accident. This extra weight can also cause your motorhome’s brakes to overheat, causing brake failure.

Protect your RV and other motorists when towing a car

BrakeBuddy, including the BrakeBuddy Vantage and Classic series, provides the right braking force when you need it using advanced terrain sensing technology, without any built-in delays, helping prevent accidents by reducing overall stopping distance by 50% in a panic stop. Prevent excessive wear on your motorhome brakes, while keeping safe and legal wherever you travel. Best of all, it installs easily in minutes.

Advanced Terrain Sensing Capabilities

BrakeBuddy’s technology provides the right braking force when you need it, along with advanced terrain sensing capabilities. When the motorhome brakes are applied, the BrakeBuddy senses vehicle deceleration and applies the brakes of the dinghy, taking the entire weight of the dinghy vehicle off of the motorhome.

Breakaway System

The BrakeBuddy Breakaway System protects your investment and others on the roadway. In the event your towed vehicle separates from the motorhome, the breakaway system will apply the brakes of the towed vehicle, bringing it to a controlled stop. This prevents potential harm to others on the roadway as well as damage to your investment. Most states and provinces require a breakaway system when towing a vehicle.

BrakeBuddy reduces your overall stopping distance and enhances your safety with smooth, controlled stops. These systems meet and exceed all towing laws, but the real value comes from the safety it gives you. Set Up Easy as 1,2,3

BrakeBuddy units are specially designed for easy installation (initial install time is 15-30 minutes). The set up is even easier, taking only a few additional minutes.

Step 1: Set the BrakeBuddy on the driver’s side floor in front of the seat and attach the clevis to the brake pedal. Step 2: Adjust the driver’s seat forward to touch the BrakeBuddy’s adjustable handle. Step 3: Plug in the 12-Volt power and breakaway cord. Verify the program settings and then you’re safe with your mind at ease so you can focus on having fun.

Choose the BrakeBuddy That’s Right for You

Product Features

  • The only portable auxiliary braking system that allows you to choose between full and proportional braking technology at the touch of a button
  • Reduces overall stopping distance by fifty percent in a panic stop
  • Full braking technology removes the entire weight of the towed vehicle when stopping
  • Shift on the fly remote empowers the driver to choose the braking technology that fits their driving conditions
  • Industry’s best three year warranty included


Guitar Man says:

BrakeBuddy on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler The BrakeBuddy was easy to install and worked very well on my Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep is so light I had to turn up the sensitivity on the controller. Be sure to read the entire manual and remove any floor mat you have before you put the controller in your vehicle.

David G Nixon says:

Brake Buddy Malfunction I purchased the brake buddy from Amazon because the cost was good and the products they sell they probably do some research on them. I purchased it in August set it up in the car and went trough the regular required testing. When I set it up again ready to tow the vehicle it malfunctioned. The compressor lite came on and nothing would work. I called BB they said it needed to be returned to be rebuilt and they would have it back to me in a week or so. So much for needing a reliable braking…

Tammie Muniz says:

Four Stars This was easy to set up and worked as expected

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