iFJF FF63009 Fuel Filter for Cummins 5303743 Replaces FF63008 Element FH22168 with High Performance Cummins B/L Series Engine Filtration,Contaminant Holding Cap Protection Fuel System Life 6pcs

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Specification:Thread Diameter 102 mm (4.016 inch).Thread Pitch 4 mm (0.157inch ).

Unique Media:Consistent pore size throughout this unique media retains captured particles during engine vibration better than any competitive product.

10X reduction in hard particle penetration fully protects the fuel injector against progressive damage.Deliver longer life.
2X the contaminant holding capacity of conventional filters.
Exceeds 99.6% filtration efficiencyby trapping any contaminants larger than four microns.
Maximum engine lifewith best-in-class fuel injector protection.
Maintains advanced performance throughout the life of the filer and performance doesn’t decline with age.

Installation Tips:
1.Always pre-fill with clean fuel on the dirty” side of the filter with the pre-fill cap ON.
2.Always recycle the used filter, DO NOT reuse.
3.After installing a new filter, prime and start the engine and wait for a few minutes, then check for leaks.

Recommended Service Intervals:
On-Highway: Replace every 15,00O miles.
Off-Highway: Replace every 500 hours.

Product Features

  • Fit:B- and L- Series Cummins Diesel Engines.
  • Replaces:Cummins 5303743,FF63008,Element for FH22168.
  • Package:6 pcs FF63009 Fuel Filter.
  • Design:Delivers Maximum Engine Life With Best-In-Class Protection and Longer Filter Life.
  • Benefits: Filtration media reduces the number of harmful particles reaching the engine’s fuel injectors.Reduce equipment downtime and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Has a twice the contaminant holding capacity of conventional filters.Designed to deliver cleaner fuel to the High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR).


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Huge savings over buying from manufacturer factory fit and function!

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Great price oem filters Use these on cummins engines, great price on an oem filter.

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