Innovative Products Of America 9107A Circuit Tester

August 16, 2019 - Comment
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The #9107A Electric Brake Force Meter with Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing (patents pending) is designed for use on 7-spade equipped vehicles. This new technology automatically recognizes the electronic signature of both Integrated (ITBC) and aftermarket Trailer Brake Controllers, simulates trailer load and displays real-time, brake-controller output gain and application time. It can quickly troubleshoot truck-side tow circuits, e.g., tail lights, turn signals, 12V+, reverse and ground condition and the 25 ft. cable allows for one-man, in-cab testing. Note: May not work on GM model years ranging from ’07-’10

Product Features

  • Brake Force Meter displays real-time, brake controller output gain and timing
  • Quickly troubleshoots electrical circuits and ground condition; use to verify that the vehicle’s adaptive (speed/load sensitive) brake-controller output is functioning properly
  • For use with aftermarket and integrated brake controllers
  • Microprocessor controlled; simulates trailer brake loads
  • 25 ft. cable allows one-man, in-cab testing of brake controller and all truck-side tow circuits.


Anonymous says:

Decent little tool. Does what it should. It feels a little cheap, and probably won’t hold up to shop use, but we’ll see. The biggest problem I have with it is getting customers to pay for telling them that their truck isn’t broken. The brake force led’s are kind of delayed in reacting to brake input, but it works. Worth the money.

Anonymous says:

Helps rule out trailer problems I use this in a professional setting as a automotive mechanic. It can help indicate poor amperage flow, and in multiple situations has prevented the customer from needing to bring their trailer in for diagnosis which is very helpful.

Anonymous says:

Great build. Need more sensitivity led’s. Works like a charm. Was able to shoot the problem of a customer’s vehicle to his turn signals specifically. His breaks worked fine. Lights are bright and easily seen in bright sunlight. Cable is plenty long to reach from tow hitch to driver on long bed crew cab truck.There are 10 lights for break sensitivity. 13 lights would be good to align with the voltage range, or maybe a voltage readout. Feels a bit cheep and light for extensive use in auto mechanic areas. Thicker plastic would…

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