JBL Club 5000C 330W Peak 5-1/4″ Club Series 2-Way Component Car Speakers

September 24, 2018 - Comment
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330w peak 5-1/4″ Club Series 2-way component car speakers power handling: peak: 330 Watts per set/ 165 Watts each side

Product Features

  • Power Handling: Peak: 330 watts per set / 165 watts each side
  • Power Handling: RMS: 110 watts per set / 55 watts each side
  • Frequency Response: 70-20,000 Hz
  • 3 ohm impedance
  • Top-mount Depth: 1-13/16″


T. Davis says:

Fits great in older Euro compacts & subcompacts These are some of the most efficient speakers on the market, with 3 ohm resistance and 91db sensitivity. I did not add an amp to the 1991 head unit, which produces just 12 watts per channel at low-distortion levels – and with this speaker setup, I don’t need an amp to get great sound loud enough you’d have to shout to converse with your passenger. Sound improvement over the prior setup – which included stock separates in front and a prior owner’s upgrade in rear – was substantial. But to be…

CLH says:

When they got amped, they opened up Vehicle: 2014 Ford Taurus LimitedLocation: Rear doorsI had these hooked up to the stock Sony system and was not impressed, but once I got rid of all the bass roll-off, EQ settings and compression from Ford and got these amped, they sound very good. I hated the Sony system from day 1. They’re in the rear doors, with sound deadener behind them.The Alpine components up front are crystal clear; I wouldn’t put these quite on par with them, but they can hold their own…

MusicFan137 says:

Happy with the Club 9630! 5 star value. I bought these unheard for my wife’s 2014 Nissan Rogue S. that we bought in January. She said she didn’t want new speakers but I didn’t care. The factory speakers sounded flat and unnatural. I’ve heard many other JBL and Harmon speakers and was always pretty impressed. I picked these because they supposedly fit her front doors and because of the specs. These are 3 Ohms and 93 dB sensitivity, which means they are not power hungry, contrary to what another reviewer stated. Actually…

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