Kat’s 22200 80 Watt 36″ Battery Thermal Wrap

July 21, 2018 - Comment
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A battery can lose 60% of its starting power when the temperature reaches 0-degrees F. Cold engines require more power from the battery at these temperatures. These two factors make it imperative that you use a battery wrap to extend the life of your battery, and assist in your cold weather starting requirements. Fully charged batteries have a significant drop in power at colder temperatures. The battery wrap allows you to have full cranking power regardless of the cold. The battery heater should not be used when the temperature is above freezing.

Product Features

  • Vinyl covered for resistance against oil and acid for longer life
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Extends the life of the battery
  • Wraps around battery to reduce the strain on cold-weather starts
  • Various sizes to fit most batteries


Warren Harris says:

Solidly made and exactly what we needed Solidly made and exactly what we neededNice heavy outer surface and weatherproof 3 conductor cable.We have a brand new 8′ cedar fence with a Liftmaster 24v solar gate controller. This is a prissy gate (we call it Cody) that refuses to work when it’s cold, rainy or the phase of the moon is just a little off. If it’s too cold, the batteries won’t go to the minimum required 23.5 volts (seriously Liftmaster?) and this mondo 1+ ton gate won’t open. Pushing the sucker open uphill…

S4L ~ Shopper4Life....... says:

Awesome product, works better than I’d imagined……. UPDATE:Used for about one year now, I’m very impressed by this products ability to keep my battery warm enough to hold its charge in these brutal MN temps. HIGHLY recommended!I’ll start by stating that I have a 500CCA (cold cranking amp) battery when it’s recommended I use a 770CCA battery, that’s way too weak for my car but all that I could afford at the time.I live in northern Minnesota (Bemidji area) and should have bought one of these long ago, keeping a…

MIKE says:

Warms up the battery like it supposed to Warms up the battery like it supposed toseems to warm up the battery pretty good, had this plugged in along with an oil pan heater and a battery tender and after an hour and 35°F (not that cold i know) weather my John Deere Backhoe started on the first crank

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