KFE Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic REAR Brake Pad Set KFE1259-104

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Vehicle Compatibility

2007-2010 Ford Edge ALL Trims

2007-2010 Lincoln MKX ALL Trims

2007-2012 Mazda CX-7 ALL Trims

2007-2014 Mazda CX-9 ALL Trims

KFE Brake Systems’ ceramic formula will give drivers the ability to brake harder, faster, and longer due to its higher and consistent coefficient of friction. This also means that the brake will be able to sustain without brake fade at a higher temperature. During “cold” conditions the brake system will also be able to perform on a consistent basis.

Environmental Conscious

Keeping the environment and general public health in mind, all KFE Brake Systems brake pads are made with 100% asbestos-free materials, and meets the 2021 national standard material safety standards.


Each brake pad also is treated with the thermo scorched, and positive molding process. These processes help lower break-in time, and ensure a more consistent characteristic in the lifespan of the brake pad.

All Ultra Quiet Advanced Ceramic brake pads come with Wolverine dual-sided rubber shims. The shims functions as a buffer between the caliper piston and the brake pad back plate. Secondly, they act as an absorbent to vibration, which will reduce the noise.

Product Features

  • OEM Fitment and Warranty – Perfect fitment, no issues, and no hassle Limited Warranty
  • Low Noise – Dual-Rubber Wolverine Shims dramatically reduces vibration noise
  • Less Break-In Time – Thermo Scorched manufacture process help reduce break-in time
  • Increase Brake Bite, Long Life – Slots, and Chamfered edges features enhances brake bite, extends pad life and reduces noise. *Please check per your vehicle application; not all applications have slotted/chamfered features
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Please double check the description for your vehicle for the correct fitment


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