Kolpin 97200 ATV Mirror

March 2, 2017 - Comment
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Safely view what or who is behind you on the trail. Required by many states for road travel, Kolpin’s ATV rear view mirror features a fully adjustable, ultra-clear 4” diameter mirror with a ball & socket swivel design.

Product Features

  • Quick attach/detach mounting base (which is interchangeable with Kolpin Rhino Grip XL #21510)
  • Accommodates 5/8″ to 1″ diameter tubing for positioning on ATV racks or handlebar


Zandian says:

Good mirror but quick connect doesn’t look to durable The mirror is pretty good quality but the mounting hardware leaves something to be desired. There is a quick connect piece made of plastic. I’m just waiting for the day I break that or lose it and I’m stuck with a mirror that won’t stay in place. Hasn’t happened yet, but I think they need to re-think the quick connect. The rest of the mounting hardware seems pretty sturdy

Farmboy22 says:

Better than I thought! I bought this for on our farm because we are always hauling trailers with our atv’s, this helps us view them without turning around to look at them. This also helps when riding on a road to check for cars. It does stand up very well trail riding. And if you ever want to remove it for a day or so, it has a quick detach. Overall it is perfect for almost anyone.

Amazon Customer says:

Best ATV mirror we have tried Mounted this mirror on the side of the front rack of an Outland L Max. The mirror has held up to rough Northern WI trails and provides great rear visibility. The angle of the mirror can easily be adjusted and stays in place. The mount has also held up great. We have tried several different mirrors in the past that mount in various positions on the handle bars and were always retightening and readjusted them. We will be ordering more to try on our other ATV’s.

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