Konig 9mm CG9 Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 102 (Sold in pairs)

March 24, 2019 - Comment
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Thule is proud to introduce their new line of innovative snow chains which are hand-made in Italy. The premium 9mm CG9 self-tensioning chain is ideal with limited space between the wheel and mechanical parts. These chains are safe for ABS/ESP systems and alloy wheels.Konig


Anonymous says:

Holy C, these actually work, IF you ignore their details The instructions could use help but once figured out these go on real easy and actually tighten up as expected. The single moat important this is lining it up right behind the tire before lifting the back cable and attaching it. It will cut your work to under a minute instead of several minutes of adjusting the position on the tire. Line up the bottom NOT the top as shown on the instructions and video. I did it twice their way and it took minutes. My way took 30-60 seconds…

Anonymous says:

I have no doubt that these chains go on some tires easily. HOWEVER 3RD REVIEW: HOW DO I USE THE WARRANTY FOR THE BROKEN PART? Thule lists a website in its documentation at Amazon. Guess what”? The site has been taken down. The warranty says the product is covered BUT IT GIVES NO INFORMATION ON HOW TO ACT ON THE WARRANTY: no email address, no website, no physical address. So I’ll try to get Amazon to honor it.NEW, ADDITIONAL REVIEW: EXPENSIVE JUNK! I got the chains on using the two added links per chain as described below. It was NOT…

Anonymous says:

The best snow chains for my VW GTI! I love to snowboard, and I love my GTI (2002.5 VR6)! I have no desire for any other car, but need to be able to drive in the snow and ice when I go up the mountain. My GTI has fairly low profile tires (stock tires: Michelin 225/45R17). As a result, I spent a long time researching what chains might work — and the only recommendation I could find on the internet were the Thule K-Summit chains — which cost $415! Eventually, however, by reading the information on Thule’s website, I realized…

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