KONIG CG-9 065 Snow chains, set of 2

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Patented self-tensioning of the chain system: just one stop to fit the chain. Patented micro-regulation system for a perfect tensioning of the chain.When the winter comes, Thule has the snow chains that get you there safely, easily and in style. Thule, known worldwide as a manufacturer of highly innovative automotive racks and accessories, is proud to offer the newest in their catalogue of winter gear. Thule’s award-winning design team has worked extensively with the world’s leading automobile manufacturers to re-engineer the standard snow chain. Tested in the Italian Alps, this line of snow chains is surefooted and safe, as well as remarkably easy to install and remove. To make sure you find the right chains for your tires, check the Thule Snow Chain Fitment Guide and find your tire size.
Anti-scratch bumpers lift the chain away from wheels.
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Superior Engineering and Design
Thule snow chains are hand-made in Italy and are constructed of durable, hardened manganese nickel alloy steel. They feature dual-sided D-shaped links that provide exceptional traction and extend the life of the product. These snow chains utilize a patented self-centering and auto-tensioning system which adjusts itself for a perfect fit. Once the chains are wrapped around the tire, the installation process is completed when the vehicle is set in motion. As the wheels turn, the self-centering and auto-tensioning system activates and the chain tightens around the tire. This eliminates the need to exit your vehicle and brave the elements to re-adjust snow chains. For easier installation in the dark or during the day, all attachment points on the chains are color coded. Additionally, each set of Thule tire chains comes with a hard case, installation mat, pair of gloves, and spare links.
Auto-tensioning system
ensures a perfect fit.
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Thule CG-9 – Ideal for Sub-Compact Cars
While offering the same patented self-tensioning and micro-regulation solution as other Thule snow chains, the Thule CG-9 is constructed with smaller sized 9mm D-link chain. This makes it the perfect match for sub-compact cars or for vehicles with limited space between the wheel and mechanical parts. Smaller links take up less room, ensuring that they will not bind or damage braking and steering components. They offer perfect compatibility with electronic braking and traction systems as well. These smaller links also enable the CG-9 to give superior driving comfort while still providing excellent traction in snow and ice. Additionally, the special anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect your investment by ensuring that the chains never actually come in contact with your wheels. Thule CG-9 is a perfect combination of design, technology and safety for your winter trips.

Tire size location.
How to Choose a Snow Chain that Fits Perfectly
To choose the right snow chain you must follow a few simple criteria. First, check your vehicle’s maintenance or owner’s manual to verify it contains no warnings advising against the fitting of snow chains on your particular vehicle. Once verified, take careful note of the three measurements on the side of the tire. The first number indicates the width, the second gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width) and the third denotes the diameter of the wheel expressed in inches. Then click on the Thule Snow Chain Fitment Guide to choose the most suitable model and size for your vehicle.

Product Features

  • 175/75-14, 185/70-14, 205/55-14, 185/60-15, 195/55-15, 205/50-15, 175/60-16, 185/55-16 (Pirelli Winter 190),175/50-16, 205/45-16, 215/40-16
  • The self-tensioning chain.
  • 9 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance.
  • Anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect alloy wheels (optional application).
  • Certifications: Ö-Norm 5117, UNI 11313, TÜV.


Anonymous says:

Holy C, these actually work, IF you ignore their details The instructions could use help but once figured out these go on real easy and actually tighten up as expected. The single moat important this is lining it up right behind the tire before lifting the back cable and attaching it. It will cut your work to under a minute instead of several minutes of adjusting the position on the tire. Line up the bottom NOT the top as shown on the instructions and video. I did it twice their way and it took minutes. My way took 30-60 seconds…

Anonymous says:

I have no doubt that these chains go on some tires easily. HOWEVER 3RD REVIEW: HOW DO I USE THE WARRANTY FOR THE BROKEN PART? Thule lists a website in its documentation at Amazon. Guess what”? The site has been taken down. The warranty says the product is covered BUT IT GIVES NO INFORMATION ON HOW TO ACT ON THE WARRANTY: no email address, no website, no physical address. So I’ll try to get Amazon to honor it.NEW, ADDITIONAL REVIEW: EXPENSIVE JUNK! I got the chains on using the two added links per chain as described below. It was NOT…

Anonymous says:

The best snow chains for my VW GTI! I love to snowboard, and I love my GTI (2002.5 VR6)! I have no desire for any other car, but need to be able to drive in the snow and ice when I go up the mountain. My GTI has fairly low profile tires (stock tires: Michelin 225/45R17). As a result, I spent a long time researching what chains might work — and the only recommendation I could find on the internet were the Thule K-Summit chains — which cost $415! Eventually, however, by reading the information on Thule’s website, I realized…

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