LandAirSea Tracking Key 3 – Passive GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fees, Magnetic and Discreet, Location Recording, Detailed Route History

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Tracking Key 3, while keeping the classic look and “no monthly fee” concept in tact, delivers massive performance component upgrades, and Land Air Sea’s new Past Track software. The highly anticipated launch of Tracking Key 3 opens a door to Mac & PC users alike with an innovative new cloud-based approach to the import, analysis and storage of logged GPS Tracking data.  How does it work? Tracking Key 3 is a water resistant, magnet mount equipped GPS Vehicle Tracker lending itself to placement inside or outside (exterior) of a vehicle. (2) AAA batteries are needed to power the device (not included) which, once powered and placed, captures the entire movement history of a vehicle to a 100+ hour capacity internal memory. Reviewing data is as simple as retrieving the device and loading (via USB) directly to the Past Track cloud where it is stored for 2 weeks and accessible online 24/7 via Land Air Sea. Export and/or save files to a computer as needed, or opt for unlimited cloud storage plan. Second-to-second data capture includes all routes and speeds traveled; physical addresses and duration of all stops; mileage; active drive time. Historical route playback feature re-animates routes over a digital street map; user controls include zoom in/out, play/pause, fast/slow, forward/rewind and street level view. Configurable satellite imagery and traditional road map views are powered by Google. On-demand stop reports display time-stamped and chronological vehicle stops, duration, physical addresses and coordinates. Land Air Sea’s proprietary Passive Trackers are the most economical way to use GPS tracking technology to monitor a vehicle’s movements because there are never any monthly fees. Made in USA Works Internationally As seen on: AMC’s Breaking Bad, USA Network’s Burn Notice, and DIY’s I Want That!

Product Features

  • The tracking data includes: routes traveled, speed and direction, active driving time and duration of stops. No monthly subscription required!
  • Parents: Monitor your teen’s driving behaviors and determine whether they are driving responsibly.
  • Business owners: Track and record the whereabouts of employees and company vehicles.
  • Spouses: Confirm suspicious behaviors and view past historical driving routes.
  • Private investigators & Police: Log the comings and goings of an individual, or record the travels of criminal suspects and parolees


Anonymous says:

very powerfull magnet love everything about this ,works like easy set-up. great tech support if needed.

Anonymous says:

Works fine Works just like it states. Doing a good job of tracking.

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