LED Blue 2X Dome Map Interior Light Bulb 9 SMD Circle Panel Xenon Hid Lamp – Fits All Vehicles

December 21, 2018 - Comment
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2 Brand New 9SMD LED light panels & LED connecting adapters. Price is for 2PCS Ultra Blue Lights. These light panels will fit on your dome/map lights. It also fits on your trunk/courtesy/side door lights if your vehicle has one. Easy to install, direct replacement, no wiring needed. The back of each LED panel has self-adhesive tape. Our SMD LED is very high quality and produces super bright light output. It emmits a stronger, cool color and brighter than the stock bulb. Low temperature, low power consumption & lasts up to 50k hours. Immediate response on/off and it is vibration resistant. LED light works with Auto-dimming feature. LED lamp has + and – terminals, simply change the terminal around. Exactly the same as the picture shown. High Quality ! Fitit on any vehicle’s Interior Lights!!

Product Features

  • 2 Brand New 9SMD LED light panels & LED connecting adapters
  • 2PCS Ultra Blue HID Xenon LED Lights
  • These light panels will fit on your dome/map lights and other interior light applications
  • Bright light output and high quality ! Convert your dome, map, cargo, trunk lights to LED
  • Fit on any vehicle’s Interior Lights! Convert any light bulb to LED


Anonymous says:

The LED Lights you’ve been looking for! Still working after five years These lights are great. It easily transformed my standard car into something that people “Wow” about. Yes, it’s just lights but it’s much more than that. These were so easy to install; I just followed the basic instructions with absolutely no idea what I was doing and they turned right on.After having these in my car for more than five years, we are still going strong as the day they were installed in my daily driver. Let’s face it: my car will probably die before they do.Also…

Anonymous says:

Big blue dome lights = paranoid people thinking you’re the police! I really like these, but just a bit overwhelming. At night if you’re outside looking in, the blue glow looks fantastic, not too much. At night if you’re inside the car it is real close to being too much. It’s not that they’re too bright, it’s more like they’re too vibrant, too much blue in one spot, if that makes any sense. I have the two little reading lights above the back doors, and the blue courtesy lights under the front doors, and since they are smaller it puts out the perfect effect,…

Anonymous says:

Great inexpensive LED lights, when they worked.. These LED lights are a great deal. They are effortless to install and look great. They are also very bright which is nice.UPDATE: These lights have blown two 7.5 amp fuses in my car, 3 of the individual LEDs stopped working, and as of today their connection wires have melted rendering the lights to not work at all. I’m assuming that I received a defective unit with some sort of shorting issue, but I just wanted to bring this to attention. Also, it is worth note that I have never had…

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