LI LEAD Auto Starter 12V Car Battery Protector – Automatically Disconnect System for Car Battety Saver, Battery Voltage Disconnect Kit, Battery Buddy.

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• LI LEAD Auto Starter is a US Branded perfect solution for protecting and restarting a vehicle. It’s Ruggedly built of the best materials, easily installs in minutues, and will never leave you stranded due to a dead battery again!

• It is made to prevent accidental discharge of a vehicle’s battery by accessories-etc.

• If you car has a short you can not locate or other power drain issue, the auto starter will discnnect to protect your battery and your car.

• If you accidentally leave your lights on;

• If you like to listen to music while parked with your engine off;

• If the car battery falls below the shut off voltage, further drain is stopped.

• With LI LEAD Auto starter, you have not had to jump start my car. This can help ensure that you can restart your car without worrying about over discharging the battery. To use our product simply press the button and the battery voltage will recover for one minute. During this time you may restart your vehicle normally.


• Name: Auto starter

• Applicable: For all 12V Cars

• Max volt: 18V

• Max current (10mS): 2400A

• Max current (continuous): 100A

• Max switch current: 60A

• Internal resistance: 1mΩ

• Weight:< 300g

• Dimensions (L*W*H): 50*26*70mm

• Working consumption (>11.8V ): 3mA

• Static consumption (<11.8V): 0.5mA

• Under volt protection: battery volt <11.8V

• Under volt protection delay: 60 seconds

• Under volt protection recover: Press recover button,last for 1 mins

• Under volt protection release: battery volt >12.5V

Package Included

• 1x Auto Starter

• 1x Battery Positive Terminal adapter

• 1x Battery Negative Terminal adapter

• 1x Control Wire (2m) with Button Switch.

Product Features

  • ✫【Battery Saver】LI LEAD Auto Starter is NOT a Jump Starter. It’s a Battery Protector (Much safer than Jump Starter). It can protect your battery and give you extra protection from being stranded. If the car battery falls below the shut off voltage, it will disconnect the battery automatically and further drain is stopped.
  • ✫【Fit for 12V Cars】(CAUTION! Fits for post type batteries ONLY!) Maximum current for the Auto Starter is 2400A for 10mS and up to 100A continuous current and is suitable for regular vehicles(Cars, Suvs, Trucks/Pickups, RVs, and other 12v Cars)
  • ✫【Plug and Play 】Easy Insatllation. The Auto Starter Comes with Dual models–Negative and Positive (package comes with two size of terminals). If you have cables on Negative Terminal, you can choose Positive Model to install, NO NEED to buy extra battery cable and terminal to install.
  • ✫【Warranty】LIFETIME WARRANTY & 365DAYS MONEY BACK-You can’t go wrong with 100% satisfaction guarantee. And 365-days money back services. You will love it or get your money back without hassle.
  • ✫【Easy Operation】You can recover your battery by pressing the little button on the windshield(where you stuck it to), the battery will magically springs to life for 1 minute. Then you can Start your car within 1 minute. (If you do not start the car, Auto Starter will reprotect your battery and disconnnect in one minute). Our upgraded Starter is much more convenient, NO NEED to find a your KEY to open the door(Especially convenient for the Remote Start Cars) then trigger the Starter.


Anonymous says:

Great product and will be installing this on all my vehicles. Never worry about a dead battery again Very easy to hook up,really a life saver if you have a electrical draw that is draining your battery. Anyone who has ever had a electric draw will understand how hard it is to find what is causing it. By having this it will turn off my battery before it drains and leave me stranded. I’m going to find what is draining my battery eventualy but still will keep this attached just for piece of mind knowing if my battery starts draining this will shut it off.

Anonymous says:

Nice! I like the plug and play aspect of the easy installation. And I love the protection it gives my battery. This is a vitally needed resource!

Anonymous says:

Good Idea I installed this on my car’s battery and that was a fairly simple process. I can’t say how well it works yet because my battery has not gone down below 11% charge. My battery is old and needs replacing so it only has to be a matter of time before I know if this works like it should. I think using this would be much more convenient that getting a jump start from another car or even attaching cables from an external battery pack that are made just for that purpose. This review will have to be…

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