Little Trees Car and House Hanging Freshener, Black Ice (Pack of 12)

June 29, 2016 - Comment
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Hang our fashionable Black Ice Little Tree air freshener from your rear view mirror to add a fresh scent to your ride. Little Tree air fresheners have been a classic car accessory since 1952. A great retro car gift and a true American cultural icon! Made in USA.

Product Features

  • Fresh as a breeze!
  • Little Trees air fresheners are made from ingredients carefully selected to produce exquisite fragrance blends.
  • Little Trees air fresheners are unique in their quick, powerful and long-lasting effectiveness.
  • Black Ice Mystery Fragrance on a Little Tree Card – Retro Automobile Accessory


GQ says:

I be wearing this to the club! Smells fresh, like Cool Waters… if you’re about to go on a hot date or out to the club on the weekend, just grab this off of your rear view mirror and rub it on your neck, it’ll be sure to get the ladies goin crazy. 😉

T. Mullins says:

My Jetta smells brotastic now. I drove thru the White Castle one Friday night, and in the 10 minute drive home (who eats a sack in public?), the potted meat and onion smell must’ve permeated every upholstery fiber in my car. On that Saturday night, after I got ready for my date, I opened the car door, and the putrid smell of oniony death wafted out like Stephen King’s The Mist. I panicked, because based on my experience, hot chicks do not dig butt smell. 

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