Loading Zone 1601 Cargo Gate Fd/F150 04

July 7, 2019 - Comment
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Lug Nuts: 14mm x 1.5 tread size; 4 pack; chrome

Product Features

  • Cargo Holder: 2004 Ford Pick Up Full Size F150; Cargo Gate


Anonymous says:

not too pleased with the snug-down device Mostly plastic, not too pleased with the snug-down device. We will see how it holds up in Texas heat.

Anonymous says:

Works fine. Perfect fit for the F150. Easy to install and reposition in the bed.

Anonymous says:

Not as tough as it should be, not sturdy A bit flimsy, and preset pin holes mean you can’t adjust the width as much as you might like to. Also, the directions were terrible, so the extra little rubber “feet” (I think) I have no idea where to put. They are not even visible in any photos. So what to do? This is made of brittle plastic and aluminum. It also doesn’t mount in the bed in a very solid manner. For the price it should be a LOT tougher…especially since it’s being used in a PICKUP TRUCK. Save your money. Buy something…

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