M1S Motorcycles Bluetooth Intercom Headset Communication System Accessories Kit (Hard Microphone and Soft Microphone)

May 20, 2019 - Comment
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Product Features

  • This headset is compatible with the M1S Bluetooth intercom.
  • Designed for any helmet.
  • It is simple to install in your motorbike intercom.
  • Made only with high quality materials. The sound is clearer, as the intercom with the noise reduction function.
  • You connect the speakers and place them in the headphones with Velcro pads and turn on the wiring.


Anonymous says:

Great value; we have 5 sets, works great! Great value. Verified works on off-road helmets and with at least 5 sets simultaneously. The picture shows 4 helmets charging. Keep in mind: 1. They connect via Daisy chain; everyone can talk simultaneously but follow the directions (which could be a bit clearer) and connect one after the other. 2. Keep the microphone touching your mouth this will ensure the squelch funtion won’t kick on at the wrong time. 3. There is a bit of an echo. Other than that, these work great and get really loud…

Anonymous says:

Works great, pairs with BT-S3 Bluetooth intercom I have the BT-S3 intercom on my Bell helmet and when I upgraded to a Shoei helmet I decided to get another intercom for that one too, went with the Fodsports M1S. Both units can be paired as intercoms with each other. You definitely need to check out the manual on how to do that, but I had no issues with the connection so far.This M1S unit has a bit of a learning curve in terms of controls/functions, I would say the controls on the BT-S3 are a bit more intuitive. However, the big…

Anonymous says:

Buy this and use your savings elsewhere. Given the cost of SENA and Cardo, I took a chance on this and it paid off. At 1/3 the price you get 99% of the functionality. I bought a second for the Mrs and we ran the intercom at 300-400 yards for 6 hours no loss, no disconnect.Volume is exceptional. Microphone on a modular is good up to 60mph with boom. Low profile mic good in full face helmet to the same speed.- It could use better pairing directions. (look it up online)- If you are listening for your GPS or music…

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