Magura Jack Hydraulic Clutch System 0120577-10

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No more pressure-point fading. Completely self-adjusting; less maintenance. Reduces lever pull up to 20%. Forged lever blade with reach adjust is ready to mount. Filled with biodegradable mineral oil.This item fits the following models: 2005-2009 Honda CRF450X2012-2013 Honda CRF450X

Product Features

  • Magura clutch controls prove themselves every day around the world in many hundreds of thousands of motorcycles.There’s certainly no reason to panic when you can’t find a standard Magura hydraulic clutch to enjoy: Luckily there is HYMEC by Magura.
  • This “hydraulic clutch suite” is available for many bikes from motocrossers to cruisers as a ready-filled system.Good in all points – Magura HYMEC:Permanent play compensation, in other words the pressure point and the function of the clutch remain identic
  • The smooth-running hydraulics just makes it fun.Magura HYMEC – a brilliant system for hydraulic actuation of a mechanical clutch.Non-break forged lever with grip width adjustment and naturally with carbon tubing.Filled with biodegradable mineral oil.


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