MB Quart DK1-116 Discus 2-Way Car Coaxial Speaker System with 0.75-Inch Aluminum Dome Tweeter on Silk Surround, 6.5-Inch, Set of 2

October 27, 2016 - Comment
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Maxxsonics Discus Speakers, 6.5″ coaxial with .75″ aluminum dome tweeter with an all new ground-up designs.

Product Features

  • Stamp-Cast Deep Drawn Steel Baskets
  • Aluminum Dome Tweeters
  • 12DB/Octave Crossover networks
  • Euro-DIN Chassis for Simple Installation


Amber Thornton says:

best in price range Awesome speakers for entry level. Running them off HU power and they sound awesome. You can crank up the bass within reason and they handle it with little to no distortion. Would sound amazing paired with a small amp.

Kimberly says:

Five Stars Awesome

eric hellgren says:

MB Quart dk1-116 thanks, speakers rock. having rubber surround will take about 40 hours of use to break in but just running off my stock Kenwood 262 head unit they sound 100% better than the stock door speakers in my GMC 2004 HD2500. They are very clear and only running off 50w/22rms a channel head unit. I have used MB Quart in the past but used component before so I am very happy with the performance of these 2 way model.

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