Miady 30ft 50Amp RV Extension Cord, Easy Unplug Design with Cord Organizer, 6/8 Gauge

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Importance of Selecting the Right RV Extension Cord
Sometimes when you camp in your RV but the RV power cord is not long enough to reach the campground electrical connection. When this happens you need an extension cord that is compatible with the electrical system on your RV. Miady 30′ 50 Amp RV extension cord is rated at 125V/250V, 6250W, which is used on RVs that doesn’t have large electrical demands or load requirement there’s typically one roof air conditioner, a microwave or convection oven a refrigerator and several outlets throughout the RV to power 125/250 volt appliances and devices. 10/4 STW cable construction for outdoors provides you safety and quality guarantee. So it is the ideal choice for you to choose it. Happy camping!

Special Caution:
Regardless of what we recommend, consult a professional if you’re unsure about working on your RV.

Cord Length: 30Feet
Color: Black
Material: Copper, Thermoplastic
Pattern: STW
Wire: 6/8Gauge
Voltage: 125/250 Volts
Amp Rating: 50 AMP
Wattage: 6250Watts
What You Get:
14-50P RV Power Cord x 1
Cord Organizer x 1
Risk-Free Guarantee:
We back our RV extension cord with a 12-month limited warranty. Easy-to-reach and friendly customer support available 24/7.

Product Features

  • Hard Service Rated: ETL Listed, 6/8 gauge 100% copper wiring in STW jacket without lead, resists abrasion, short circuit and corrosion, providing safety.
  • Long Enough: The 30′ RV heavy duty power cord gives you the extra length you need for your electronic essentials while traveling with your RV.
  • Easily Unplug: Constructed with finger grip handles, designs to make removal easier with less pulling and stress on the cord and plug.
  • Neater Storage: Neater Storage: Equipped with adjustable duty cord organizer, with carry strap handle hanger to keep them hang neatly for storage.
  • Wide Application: The 50-amp cord rated at 125V/250V 6250W with NEMA 14-50P and 14-50R connectors, fits for medium-sized RVs (usually with only one air-conditioning unit), Camper, Trailer, 5TH Wheel.


Anonymous says:

Great product as advertised. We use the product as a male plug for generator attachment for custom long extension cords. Easy handle makes removal from generator easier to pull out.

Anonymous says:

Very Well Made Sturdy piece. I’m absolutely sure this thing will be more durable than the factory plug or even the retro’d version it’s got now. I can definitely recommend this to a friend.Updated after installation. The last plug similar to this that I used was much more difficult to install because the wires had to be bent to go into the terminals sideways. This one is much easier with the terminal connectors straight in line except for the ground wire that needs to be bent. The brass…

Anonymous says:

Good plug but has a design flaw I use this plug for a generator to house wire using 6/3 with ground wire, I like the plug but there is a design flaw with it, the red wire terminal is missing the side plastic protector and if your using a bare ground wire it will short out running the ground the way the instructions say to. I ended up having to run the ground straight thru the middle by the white wire and boy was that fun but can be done. If it wasn’t for this I would give this plug a 5 star easy.

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