Micro Fiber Leather Car Steering wheel Cover 15 inches (Black Gray)

May 17, 2019 - Comment
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steering wheel covers fit middle size steering wheels with outer diameter of 14.5″to 15″. Suitable for:Toyota(except Toyota Prius),Audi, BMW(except Mini),Buick(except GL8 old Regal), Cheetah, Chevrolet(except Chevrolet Silverado Chevrolet traverse), Citroen(except ZX), Fiat, Ford (except crown vic,Ford F-150,250 350,Ford mustang) , Hyundai(except ix35), Honda(Except Honda civic), Jeep(Except Jeep Grand Cherokee), Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Nissan(except Paladin,nissan Gogue), Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, Sonata, Subaru,Volkswagen(except Jetta), Volvo, etc. If you are not sure whether our products fit your car, you may leave us a message. steering wheel covers are made of microfiber PU Leather (Micro fibril leather Micro fibril PU) Microfiber leather is the best bonded leather, feels is better than real leather, Wear-resisting, cold resistant, breathable, ageing resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful advantage, has become the most ideal choice instead of natural leather. Great grip increased safety The inner side of these steering wheel covers is made of natural rubber and with anti-skip veins design which helps driving safer, A better grip on the wheel gives you more control on the road. Nice Looking Double color stitching, Very nice looking, modern, sporting, suit for male and female Better feels: Breathable, soft padding, contour shape and massaging design. Durability: Heat resistant, cold resistant and wear-resistant. Easy to put on it is not hard to put on; it may take you 2 to several minutes. It was just the last part getting it on that was slightly stubborn.

Product Features

  • Suitable for: Toyota(except Toyota Prius),Audi,BMW(except Mini),Buick(except GL8 old Regal),Cheetah,Chevrolet(except Chevrolet Silverado Chevrolet traverse),Citroen(except ZX),Fiat,Ford (except F-150,F250,F350,crown vic,Ford mustang),Hyundai(except ix35),Honda(Except Honda civic),Jeep(Except Jeep Grand Cherokee),Kia,Land Rover,Lexus,Mercedes Benz,Mazda,Nissan(except Paladin,nissan Gogue),Peugeot,Renault,Skoda,Sonata,Subaru,Volkswagen(except Jetta),Volvo,etc
  • How to install:sometimes is diefficult to install for the tight and safety , need the big strength,1. Fit the top of the cover over the top of the wheel. Center the wheel before you start to install the cover.2. Stretch out both sides so that the cover fits over the wheel.3. Pull the bottom of the cover over the wheel.4. Use as much force as you can to get the final part of the over fitting snugly over the wheel.
  • if you can’insall for the smaller,you can placed the cover in extremely hot water and started pulling and tugging until it loosen up a bit. Then can easy to get it on.
  • SWEAT ABSORBENT&BREATHABLE – The precision drilling process enables the steering wheel cover to have strong air permeability and absorb sweat.
  • For most standard size 14.5-15” inch diameter steering wheel.can see the detail for is it fit? If can’t insall ,please connact us with the car model , We will check it, and tell you how to install or can’t fit . Thanks


Anonymous says:

Great wheel, easy to install and hold onto The blue trim is a nice accent, not too smooth, or too grippy, just right for a steering wheel

Anonymous says:

Try another brand Wish I could give it zero stars. Worst product I have purchased in a while. Cover doesn’t fit tight like they should. It doesn’t stay in place. When you turn the wheel the cover moves all the time. It’s actually a driving distraction and hazard. Regret buying.

Anonymous says:

Pretty in Pink This is the first time I’ve ever had a steering wheel cover fit like a glove. Actually, I’ve never had a glove “fit like a glove” so it’s even better! I have a 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L and while it was hard to get on it fits perfectly. It took me about 20 mins total and 2 tries to get it on perfectly straight. I started at the top and pulled down. Then switched it to the bottom and pulled up and then repeated that whole process again. It was a nice hot day but I was in my garage. Then on the…

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