Mityvac MV6840 Pressure Bleed System

May 8, 2019 - Comment
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It is a professional hydraulic brake and clutch bleeding system that includes a fluid dispenser with manual pump (MV6400) and a kit containing seven master cylinder adapters (MVA6850). It forces new brake fluid down through the master cylinder, while air and old fluid are expelled through the bleed screw(s). A pressure gauge on the dispenser allows control of the system pressure, and the pressurized reservoir allows the operator hands-free movement to the bleed screws.

Product Features

  • Includes seven (7) master cylinder adapters to connect to most American, Asian, and European manufactured cars and light trucks
  • Large 1.2 gallon (5 liter) fluid capacity
  • Fluid is dispensed under pressure for smooth continual flow
  • Internal pump components are sealed against exposure to fluids
  • Utilizes push-to-connect, quick-change style accessory connections
  • Maximum Pressure – 20 Pounds per square inch (1.4 bar)


Anonymous says:

Great tool. Could be a bit better Pressure bleeding is by far the best, and fastest, way to bleed a vehicles brake system. The Mityvac MV6840 Pressure Bleeder does do a good job pressurizing the reservoir and quickly purging air from the braking system. However, it does fall short in two areas. First, the air is not sealed from the fluid which can allow air to mix with the new fluid and enter into the system. I do not believe that this will be a big problem as long as the unit is not shaken or allowed to run out of fluid…

Anonymous says:

They leak. (10 of 10) I own a high volume repair shop. I’ve had probably 10 of these and every single one leaks.We still use them, they work pretty good but they leak no matter what. (Careful with the paint!)The return procedure is great and easy but for the money I just don’t know why they can’t use a better fitting/union. (The fact they now sell the union separately obviously tells us something) We quit returning them and just deal with the leaking.Perhaps the price is so high…

Anonymous says:

Excellent product overall. Beware of leaking adapters. This product is excellent.. MOSTLY. Pressure bleeding is the best way to properly bleed a brake system. It’s extremely quick, safe, and also pretty satisfying to get it done with such a great product. I work for Volvo but have gotten a lot of used cars of different makes on my lift recently, and so far I haven’t not had a fitting adapter. The universal adapter works excellent. My one huge complaint is that the adapter used for Jeep vehicles, I forgot the exact one, was leaking so bad I could…

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