MODZ Max48 15 AMP Club Car Battery Charger for 48 Volt Golf Carts

September 30, 2019 - Comment
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The innovative Modz Max48 Club Car battery charger is one of the only chargers in the golf cart industry that works with all onboard computer (obc) and non-onboard Club Car DS and Precedent models. While most chargers work with only one type or the other, the advanced MODZ Max48 battery charger can detect if an onboard computer is present and charge your cart accordingly.

The MODZ Max48 battery charger uses an internal microprocessor to intelligently charge your golf carts batteries based on real-time battery pack capacity and ambient temperature readings. The Max48 also incorporates high efficiency soft-switch technology providing unsurpassed reliability with less power consumption. A simple, easy-to-read status light allows you to quickly assess the state of your battery pack and current charge mode.

Never worry again about finding dead batteries after prolonged storage. The Max48 features innovative, plug and forget smart float technology allowing you to plug in your golf cart and leave it plugged in without fear of damaging your batteries over extended periods of time a common issue with many chargers. Simply plug in your golf cart using the included 3-pin PowerDrive plug and the MODZ Max48 will automatically turn on or off based on your battery back capacity preserving the longevity of your batteries and ensuring your cart is ready whenever you are.

At only 7 pounds, the Max48 is more than 50% lighter than most OEM and aftermarket golf cart battery chargers, but don’t let the weight fool you. The Max48 is constructed with a rugged, yet lightweight aluminum casing providing exception durability. In addition, to being lightweight the MODZ Max48 leaves a relatively small footprint and can easily transported with the convenient carry handle.

The MODZ Max48 is built-to-last and backed by a limited 18 month warranty.

Product Features

  • Charges 48-volt Club Car DS and Precedent golf carts
  • Includes round 3-pin PowerDrive plug for Club Car DS and Precedent models
  • Plug and forget smart float technology.
  • Small lightweight design with convenient carry handle and mounting holes
  • Works with all on board computer (obc) & non-on board computer Club Car models


Anonymous says:

Hopeful It Works My electrician said the charger is the right size for my golf cart, and to keep the charger plugged in all the time. I am worried that it never stops running in this cycle… green light, red light, white light, off for 3 seconds; repeat cycle. I added water after charging the golf cart for 3 days. I use the single point watering system for the batteries. The batteries took the normal amount of water. The golf cart has plenty of power.

Anonymous says:

Awesome charger! When the on board computer failed on my Club Car 48 volt Carry all II I had two choices. Buy a new OBC or go with a different charger, I chose getting a new charger. This was the second time the OBC failed in 10 years and honestly, I don’t see the wisdom in keeping it as it seems to be a weak link. I did the OBC bypass that took all of 10 minutes (that information is easily found online and is also easily performer by pretty much anyone) and when the charger arrived I just plugged it in and it…

Anonymous says:

Charger Good. Seller not so good. After being ignored by Golf Cart King and having to do a lot of research on my own, I got the charger working. During the troubleshooting process I had to open up the charger and the plug to figure out for myself what the Max48 did with the sensor wire coming out of the cart. Once I understood that, I knew what to do. The instruction sheet offers no understanding of the circuitry. Like the charger. Disappointed with Golf Cart King Customer Service.

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