Motivx Tools Engine Oil Funnel for Honda, Acura, and Some Ford Engines with Threaded Oil Filler Caps

February 25, 2020 - Comment
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Questions & Answers
Why do I need this funnel?
We aren’t saying traditional funnels don’t work, but our funnels can make for easier and cleaner oil changes for not a lot of money.

The “no funnel” approach – We’ve all probably been guilty of this. This is thinking you can pour a full quart of engine oil into the engine through the small hole in the valve cover from some distance above it. This is easier on some engines than others, but usually results in at least some spilled oil.

The “regular funnel” approach – Unless you can find a funnel that will friction fit into the oil fill port, they are usually too long and end up touching a baffle or something else causing restricted oil flow. Since they don’t seal, if you pour oil in faster than it can drain down into the engine oil might overflow. Many times these funnels require you to hold them the entire time, otherwise they tend to fall over.

The “Motivx Tools engine oil funnel” approach – Since this funnel screws into the oil fill port, it doesn’t require any holding whatsoever so you are free to use both hands. It seals to the engine with a rubber gasket so even if you pour oil in faster than it can drain down into the engine it won’t leak. You can also leave single quarts of oil in the funnel to completely drain while retrieving and opening the next one.

Will this funnel fit my vehicle?
This will fit Honda, Acura, and Ford vehicles that have threaded oil filler caps. Most newer Fords use a 1/4 style cap and will require our MX2306 funnel instead. Please check the style of cap your engine uses before ordering.

Product Features

  • THIS OIL FUNNEL THREADS ONTO THE ENGINE IN PLACE OF THE OIL FILLER CAP. It fits most Honda, Acura, and Ford vehicles that have a threaded oil filler caps. For newer Fords with the 1/4 turn style cap you will need our MX2306 funnel.
  • NO MORE HOLDING YOUR FUNNEL IN PLACE WHILE POURING OIL INTO THE ENGINE. This funnel stays where it’s supposed to so you have both hands to work with.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO SPILLS AND THAT BURNING OIL SMELL. The funnel seals to the engine with a rubber gasket and securely threads into place so it won’t fall over or leak.
  • WITH IT’S HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION THIS FUNNEL WILL LAST THE LIFE OF YOUR VEHICLE. The bottom chamber is constructed with very thick, heavy duty plastic and the upper portion is highly durable yet flexible.


Anonymous says:

Awesome funnel ! I have been changing oil on my vehicles for 40 years and just recently became aware of this style funnel. I ordered it my for my two Honda CRVs, a 2013 and a 2014. It screws in and seals nicely with the included gasket. Awesome tool 🙂

Anonymous says:

Best funnel on the market! These funnels work flawlessly. Easily worth every dollar. They seal in place so you can just screw it on, and pour in the new oil. As fast as the oil can come out of the jug, it will go into the engine. The clear tube allows you to see how fast it clears the funnel. My only complaints, which aren’t that big of a deal, are they aren’t labeled for what vehicle they are for, so if you have multiple funnels, you will wanna write which cars it’s for with a sharpie; and the lip on the inside of the…

Anonymous says:

Great funnel for most Honda models This funnel is great for most Honda models. There are a few isolated models that might pose a problem is the cowl cover extends too far over the valve cover. I have used this on 1998-2002, 2003-2007, and 2013-2017 Accords without a problem. The material is sturdy and allows you dump a large amount of oil into it so you don’t have to pour too slow.I just wish it a tad bit cheaper but overall a great value due mainly to the fact that you don’t have to hold the funnel anymore while…

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