Moto Loot Helmet Cover for Motorcycle Helmet, Fun Rides and Gifts (Cover Only. Helmet Not Included) – Rainbow Short Fur

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Children will laugh, heads will turn and you’ll make everyone a little happier when you rider past wearing this funny rainbow helmet cover. Everywhere you ride people will laugh, wave, give you thumbs up and take pictures. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself staring on multiple social media pages after going for a ride wearing this furry helmet cover.

Let’s be honest, we all have to do some rides that are a little less interesting (slow, high-traffic commutes come to mind). Chuck one of these removable helmet covers on before heading out and we promise it’ll make any ride loads of fun!

It’s no secret drivers often don’t see us when we’re out on our motorcycles. With one of these short fur rainbow helmet covers you’ll stand out and have a much higher chance of being seen by others on the road. Fantastic benefit for any rider that doesn’t like being hit by cars.

That’s right, these furry helmet covers come in just one size that fits almost all helmets. This means if you ever change helmets, you can use your helmet cover with your new one. It also means you can lend it to your friend and it should slip nicely onto their helmet.

This monster helmet cover is so easy to install even a monkey could do it (okay, we haven’t tested this…if anyone knows a motorcycle riding monkey, please let us know). Simply slip it onto your helmet, adjust the cover so the mouth aligns with your visor and your vision is maximised, then pull it down tight.

Hate bugs? Yeah so do we. This crazy helmet cover will scare them away so you’ll never have to clean bugs of your bike/gear again! Alright, that’s not entirely true. While it won’t scare them away, it will stop bugs and dirt from sticking to your beautiful helmet.

Product Features

  • MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY: everywhere you ride wearing this short fur rainbow helmet cover you’ll brighten people’s day. Children will laugh, heads will turn and people will smile. You’ll also likely star in multiple Snapchat/Instagram stories and feature on many Insta and Facebook pages!
  • HELPS BE SEEN: wearing this furry helmet cover will make you really stand out. This greatly increases the chance of drivers seeing you. Perfect for any rider that doesn’t like being hit by cars.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: this monster helmet cover has been specially designed to fit most full-face motorcycle helmets. This means you don’t need to worry about it not fitting your helmet! You can also lend it to a friend and it should slip onto their helmet.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: simply slip it onto your helmet, adjust the cover so the mouth aligns with your visor and your vision is maximised, then pull it down tight. Detailed installation instructions are also printed on the packaging in case you get stuck.
  • KEEPS HELMET CLEAN: crazy helmet cover will keep bugs and dirt from sticking to your beautiful helmet. It will also prevent your helmet from getting scratched or chipped from flying rocks or small drops.


Anonymous says:

Very cute for low speeds I like the helmet and the idea I have had several people come up to me saying they like the helmet which is the whole reason I bought it to watch kids do a double take and just smile. On the other hand if you want to go any faster than about 45 miles per hour you’re next going to hurt because of the drag from the giant eyeballs.

Anonymous says:

Excellent product, lot of fun! I got this for my XL Shoei something something model (can’t remember sorry) and it’s a tight, but good fit.Good news: there is still enough wiggle room to raise the visor and people love it…plus nothing like a glaring Grover pulling up next to someone after they cut you off.Bad news: this creates major drag at high speeds but it clearly states that on the packaging. This buffets your head around and you’ll probably wind up with a sore neck pretty quickly. I’m driving…

Anonymous says:

Hello Fuzzy Face I have to admit that I wasn’t looking for this when I bought it; I was buying helmet shields. Amazon put it in front of me as something I might want to buy because I was buying shields. I’m glad they did as I was in the mood for a novelty. The product quality is outstanding and even the packaging and simple instructions inspired confidence. Even if I wear it just one time, I’ll feel like I got my money’s worth.Now the bad news: I could only get it to fit one of my three…

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