MYCHANIC 1 Green Smart 6 Gauge 12 Feet Jumper Cables and Voltage Meter with Reverse Polarity Protection for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

January 13, 2019 - Comment
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Power up smarter and safer. Needing a jump start is never convenient. MYCHANIC Smart Cables take out the guess work and get you on the road quickly and safely. These booster cables are a jump above the rest with two unique features: Voltage meter for real time readings – make sure your battery is the reason your car won’t start Reverse polarity protection – instead of sparks, you’ll get a beep and flashing light if you connect the cables backwards One of the challenges with jump starting a car not connecting the cables backwards. Our smart booster cables take out the guess work. The reverse polarity indicator tells you if the connection is incorrect via both a red flashing light and a beep. The voltage meter lets you know the level of your battery, so that you can diagnose prior to jump starting your car if the battery is the root cause of your car not starting.

Product Features

  • BUILT-IN | Voltage meter for real-time readings help make sure your battery is the reason your car won’t start.
  • SMART | Reverse polarity protection gives you a beep and flashing light if you connect the cables backwards.
  • STRONG | 12 foot of cable with 6 gauge capacity for medium duty use.
  • DURABLE | 100% Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) cable construction for longevity.
  • FLEXIBLE | Rated for up to -13°F so it can resist even the lowest temperatures.


Anonymous says:

they’re fine. Decent quality For jumper cables, they’re fine. Decent quality, etc. They key point is the polarity protection (nice as a gift for someone that is unfamiliar enough with cars that they might hook up wrong … they’re out there!) and the voltage reading. The voltage reading is extra handy.

Anonymous says:

great for non mechanical people My wife called me one day trying to help a coworker. She didn’t know which cable was positive. These are the perfect answer to that. I would like to see they made of a size or 2 larger cable but they work just fine the way they are. I hooked them up backwards on purpose to test them out and they do work. I highly recommend them to all those mechanically challenged people out there. They are pretty wimpy and I would NOT recommend using on anything diesel bigger than a volkswagen beetle/jetta etc.

Anonymous says:

poor craftsmanship/ excellent customer service shipped fast, packaged well; upon opening the product I noticed/heard some rattling noise. after unrolling the cables it appears that there are loose parts rattling around on the inside of the “smart” box portion of the system. I am not about to test it or hook it up. Not impressed with the craftsmanship of this item.Also, written instructions didn’t match picture diagram for proper hook-up. And misspelled words throughout instructions and tag on cord.follow-up…

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