New! ZipGripGo Emergency Zip Tie Car Tire Traction Chains – Disposable Plastic Studded Cables for Snow, Ice, Sand or Mud.

March 2, 2019 - Comment
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ZipGripGo is an Emergency Traction Aid With Dual-directional Cleats Allowing Drivers to Quickly Get Their Vehicles Unstuck from Ice, Mud, Sand and Snow.

Product Features

  • 🚗 TIRE CHAINS FOR CARS – Grips the road like studded snow tires. Ultra durable plastic straps.
  • ❄️ SNOW TIRE STRAPS – Keep a “Tow Truck in your Trunk” with zip grip go, you’ll never be stuck!
  • 🚦 TIRE CABLES FOR ALL – ZipGripGo fully adjust to fit Van, Tractor, SUV, Car, Truck tires 22″
  • 🌨️ WINTER VEHICLE ACCESSORIES – Better than tire traction mat, works in sand, mud, ice & snow.


Anonymous says:

Peace of mind My nephew recommended these traction devices because I live in a snow state. When I received the grips, I wanted to see how they looked on the tires and they were very easy to install. I have not yet had occasion to use them in the snow but could tell they would give a good grip when needed. I carry them with the rest of my emergency equipment, just in case, but I have peace of mind knowing they are there.

Anonymous says:

Lasted less than 1 mile. Super easy to put on. Within a mile from my house they had all snapped & flew off into the snow. The plastic is cheap & brittle. It felt like I took 35 $1 bills & tossed em out the window as I drove down the road. At least I had a trail of bright green tie wraps to find my way back home.

Anonymous says:

Only 1 made it out alive Had a chance to use them today. They were easy to install but once you start driving on them they may snap off. I used the whole pack and went from PDX to Gresham which is about usually 20 minutes without snow. We got about 4 inches of snow. After reaching the airport and coming back home there was only one left on a tire. All the other ones snapped off during the drive.

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