Newest Easy Emergency Mud Snow ICE Car Tire Chains Heavy Duty Universal Fit Metal Steel Traction Anti-Skid for Truck Pickup SUV Car Van ATV Jeep Honda Toyota Nissan VW Ford Mercede Benz BMW Tyre

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【Product Brief】
Emergency is always unpredictable,especially run into Emegerncy of mud,snow, ice frozen, lawn slippery road etc.,here you go,here is a newest alternative for emergency and routine use purpose!
It is Newest Easy Fit Heavy-Duty Emegerncy Car Tire Chains for vehicle,suitable for aluminium/forged wheel rim, as demonstrated wheel,can quickly enhance the tire roadholding ability for emergency and routine use purpose, can prevent your car be stuck in mud/snow/ice slippery situation,especially up/downhill!
And Easy Emergency Traction Chains, is compact,easy carried,easy installed/dismantled,and it is multi-Functional,can act as traction survival rope as well,
even wrap thing, absolutely Car Essentials!

【Key Feature】
1.Adopt unique anti-skid desgin to increase roadholding ability, anti-abrasion, fit all weather situation, as 1st pic
2.Adopt lockup alloy buckle for easy setup or reusable,so pretty heavy-duty, as 3rd,4th pic
3.Adopt special material in best, so can work at extreme condition, whatever,mud, snow, ice frozen condition,reusable upon need

【Pack List】
x6pcs Universal Fit Survival Traction Multi-functional Anti-skid Mud Snow Ice Car Chains, per pack [with golden belt]

– Total Length: 115cm/47″,max wrapped perimeter: 100cm/39″,fit demonstrated aluminium/forged wheel:145~335
-The easy chains is not for tires whose diameter is < R15 Aluminium Rim, since the GAP between Disk Braker Holder and Rim might be < 20mm [0.8"],easy scratch the belt, as 8th pic!
-Pls drive

Product Features

  • QUICKLY ENHANCE TIRE ROADHOLDING ABILITY: suitable for whenever mud, snow, frozen Ice slippery emergency or routine use purpose, since the chains adopt unique metal anti-skid design, and easy setup as tie/untie the belt
  • HARMLESS TO ALUMINIUM RIM AND TIRE: since the easy metal chains adopt unique flexible desgin
  • UNIVERSAL FIT ALL DOMENSTRATED ALUMINIUM RIM TIRE whose width: 155,165,175,185, 195,205,215,225,235,245,255,265,275,285,295,305, 315, 325, no tire limitition any more
  • WORKS AT EXTREME CONDITION, heavy-duty, suitable for all weather
  • MULTI-FUNCITONAL since the easy snow chains can be used as traction rope, survival rope, wrapping rope etc., absolutely deserved car road trip essentials!


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