PIAA 95048 Super Silicone Wiper Blade – 19″ 475mm (Pack of 1)

December 27, 2018 - Comment
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The PIAA wiper blade is made of a high-quality silicone rubber compound that is resistant to all adverse climate conditions. In addition, the blade’s activated silicone coating makes your windshield water-repellent, so rain beads-up and slips off the windshield. The wiper frames are aerodynamically designed to help keep the rubber on the glass at highway speeds, and to protect against corrosion, the frames are zinc-plated and then powder coated. Each frame is properly balanced to provide equal pressure on the windshield to prolong blade life; this design also gives you clearer, noise-free operation.This item is a Carb compliant.

Product Features

  • Patented Silicone Rubber Resists Wear & Damage from UV and Sunlight Exposure
  • Silicone Wipers Last Up to 2x Longer than Premium Wipers
  • Aerodynamic Frame has Equal Pressure Points for Quiet and Streak Free Wiping
  • Coats Windshield with Water-Repellent Silicone with Every Wipe so You Don’t Have to Re-apply it
  • Instant Water Beading Action Creates Clearer Vision Even When Wipers aren’t Wiping


Anonymous says:

Worth it!! I wasn’t expecting much considering I tired about 7 different blades before getting these. I bought a 16 Civic that had a different wiper configuration than my 14. The older ones had hybrid wipers that were really nice and quiet. This one came with beam blades that really just sucked. So I replaced the inserts and they were still awful. Tired 3 hybrid wipers from Trico, Anco, and RainX, they were so disappointing. I bought these on a warehouse deal to try out. I was shocked at the difference…

Anonymous says:

Best wipers! This is the second set of PIAA wipers I’ve purchased. The first set was for a Subaru Impreza, and the wipers worked flawlessly for over a year until I sold the car. With this set, I replaced a set of OEM wipers on my F-150 and my only regret is I didn’t replace the wipers with these as soon as I bought the truck. Apply the pre treatment according to the instructions and keep the blades clean (I just wipe them gently with a wet microfiber when I wash the truck) and they’ll give you a streak…

Anonymous says:

Buy PIAA wipers nothing else period. I have 5 vehicle to maintain in my household and they will all get PIAA when the time comes.The first set of PIAA went on My SAAB Nov 2014 its now April 2017 and the wipers are still great. I do need to retreat the windshield with the wipes they provide in the package. I am sure after a new treatment the beading action will return to full strength. These wipers are still performing flawlessly. No chatter, squeaking, streaks, dry rot and they are not falling apart.I just…

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