Plumber’s Siphon Pro – Universal Gas, Oil, Potable Water – 1 Gl. Per Min. – W/ 9 ft. of Hose & Fits Any Hose, Any Length – Brass Weight & Hose Extender to Sink Hose -More Gl. Per Minute W/Larger Hose

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A high quality siphon tool that comes with 8′ or 9′ of 1/2 inch hose and brass weight. Also attach the Siphon Pro to any hose you have including 1/2 ID garden hose or hose that you pickup at your local hardware store. Plumbers keep this in their tool tray for quick draining of any excess water situation. Hose flows freely once siphon is started. Aluminum machined valves and high quality rubber. Works with Urea for diesel vehicles – now with extended tip option…

Product Features

  • Now with 9′ of 1/2 inch high quality hose made in the USA. Pliable durable or use any hose you have from 3/8 ID 3/4 ID. Comes with heavy brass hose coupler to sink hose
  • Insert on hose to start a siphon then pull it away for full flow. Includes patented hose retainer clip to help prevent flop outs and permit one hand operation which is a safety aid when moving fuel
  • Transfer Gas, Water, Diesel, DEF or Antifreeze. Pump can handle
  • Ideal for emergency plumbing needs drain sinks toilets fountains. Transfer or drain gas. Over 15,000 sold on Amazon
  • 9′ hose and pinch stop flow clip


B. Colonna says:

Works Very Well – Product recently updated. Make sure you get the new one with longer hose and pinch clip The bulb and fitting both appear to be of durable quality. The wall of the hose is also a decent thickness and should hold up under normal use. The hose diameter is 1/2″.This is a good general siphon. I would note it is a simple siphon, and the laws of physics apply! In order for it to work, the source fluid MUST be HIGHER than the destination. So if you intend to drain gas from a lawn mower, for example, the mower must be higher than the location to which you are draining…

John H says:

Hose & bulb are of good quality. The tube does not kink like the … Hose & bulb are of good quality. The tube does not kink like the cheaper siphons you typically find in auto parts aisles. I use it to drain gas from my generator each year. The directions are self-explanatory. Put the weighted end of the tube into the generator tank, insert the squeeze bulb on the other end. A few squeezes of the bulb gets the flow of gas started, remove the squeeze bulb, and insert end of tube into a container below the level of the source. Clean the tube after using. I…

Dan says:

I used the siphon to transfer gas from my lawnmower … I used the siphon to transfer gas from my lawnmower to a jug. It worked perfectly!!! I put the weighted end in the fuel tank, put the squeeze ball on the other , squeezed the ball a few times and the siphon started. I then pulled the squeeze ball off and stuck that end into the jug. The jug filled with fuel. That’s it!!

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