PRORECK CLUB A 4X4″ Passive Line Array Speaker System Sets with Connecting Cables Eight Tweeter and Eight mid-tweeters, 8 Ohms Impedance

November 16, 2018 - Comment
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Product Features

  • ★ PRORECK sound-enhanced line array speaker sets includes two line array speaker(each is made of four identical speaker) and connecting cables.
  • ★Eight tweeters and eight midiants ensure clear and bright sound; Each array speaker has 4ohms output, and the two has 8ohms in total.
  • ★Made of high-quality plastic; Fits any speaker stand with diameter of 1 3/8″(35mm).
  • ★ Great for wedding, meeting, speeches, churches, class teaching, gymnastics, conference, home theater, etc.
  • ★ Line array speaker size:19.75″*11.75″*10″


Anonymous says:

Must adjust the knobs Honestly was very excited for this it came in 2 days and after hooking it all up, the sound was .Not crystal clear ……til I started adjusting the knobs I learned it sounds amazing when you crank the sub volume up to 94% lower the mid high speaker volume to about 35% and leave the master volume at 50% the clarity was amazing I think this is my best purchase ever made !!

Anonymous says:

Took a chance and I am NOT disappointed I order the power sub by itself because I already had two passive B-52 satellites that I needed to power. The sub definitely pumps out a lot of power, I haven’t been to really turn them up yet since I live in a townhome, but I plan on using it to DJ a birthday party soon. From what I have been able to hear this thing is great! It provides the deep bass I was looking for, while being able to pump out plenty of power to my passive speakers. This sub can shake the walls by itself so I’m sure if…

Anonymous says:

Welp, they arrived! It only took 2 days … Welp, they arrived! It only took 2 days to get and were delivered in mint condition! I only ordered the Arrays because I already have subs.The assembly process was a no brainer and these things Bang! Each speaker is small, but create a huge sound! These are meant to push Highs and Mids. So don’t expect any real hard bass to come out of these. The clarity that these arrays bring to my arsenal of speakers was something I never knew I needed, until I hooked them up and got, essentially a big club…

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