Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System

September 25, 2016 - Comment
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The PWD701 is an advanced security system kit from Pyle. Secure your vehicle and gain the benefits of a wireless security system, controllable by remote. This kit includes two 4-button transmitters, a status indicator LED, valet/override switch, dual stage impact detector, and anti-carjack functions – everything you’ve come to expect from a modern vehicle alarm system. Alert yourself and scare off would-be car burglars with the 120dB two-tone siren. Activate remote chirp to find your car in a crowded garage. Choose passive or active arming depending on the situation. Your alarm system is also extendable: remote keyless entry, trunk release, auto start, and power window roll-up are optional additions (not included).

Product Features

  • 2-four button transmitters – Remote panic mode – Anti-carjack – Horn honk output – Remote auto start
  • Status indicator LED – Remote chirp mute – 2 Auxiliary outputs – Remote keyless entry – Power window roll up
  • Valet / override switch – Remote sensor bypass – limited lifetime warranty – Illuminated entry – Additional Sensors: Glass break, microwave
  • 120dB 6-tone siren – Passive or active arming – OPTIONAL FEATURES – Remote trunk release – Back up battery
  • Dual stage impact detector – Flashing parking lights – Starter defeat – Hood and trunk protection


M. Stevens says:

Great Value, Works fine. Used it to alarm my class A motor home. In this application, I could not use the alarm input line as intended, as is was impractical to mount a pin-type (automotive dome light) switch on the entrance doors. I solved the problem by using 3/8 inch recessed magnetic alarm switches intended for residential use (Search Amazon for Edwards Signaling 1075-N 3/8″ DIA., RECESSED PRESS-FIT). As these are “Normally Open (when the door is open)” v.s. normally closed (connected to ground) as…

ar15 a1 says:

worked for me this alarm is worth the money i ordered it and it came fast with extra shipping i got it and it worked fine then stopped working so i called amazon and they sent me a replacement and it worked and still is till this day i might have gotten a bad one or misshandled shipping .. i would highly recomened this alarm it works …

A. Nieves says:

Can’t beat the price Just for the bang for your buck I give this 5 stars! I was so impressed with the keyfob, I have installed many alarms going from a range of K-9’s to Crimestoppers 2 way system and none of them had actual metal in the key fob or felt as slick as these. I find it funny that I was ready for the possibility of a upgrade down the road but I think the fob ensures I stick with what I have. 

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