Quality Chain 0218 Spider Truck Tire Chain Adjuster

May 14, 2019 - Comment
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This pulls chain evenly. Has heavy duty rubber. It increases life of chain up to 40 per cent. No hooks to move or lose like traditional tightener.

Product Features

  • Pulls chain evenly
  • Heavy duty rubber
  • It increases life of chain up to 40 per cent
  • No hooks to move or lose like traditional tighteners


Anonymous says:

Great upgrade tensioners These are handy and easy to install chain tensioners. You need some sort of tension system and these are better than the ones you generally get with a set of chains (usually you just get a rubber ring with hooks on it). If you old tensioners are toast, or you chains didn’t come with tensioners, these are a fantastic choice. Easy to stash and easy to install. Just be sure to get the right size as the length of the individual arms is critical.

Anonymous says:

Poor Quality Rubber I purchased these chain tensioners a year ago but didn’t have to use them. Thanks to a heavy snow storm I decided to install my tractor chains and use these rubber tensioners to secure them. They were just the right size but I noticed that the rubber is already cracking very badly and probably won’t last through the winter. Only one year old and the rubber looks like it is 20 years old! I will not buy them again and don’t recommend them.

Anonymous says:

Not really usefull. So I got to use these and they were awful. One snapped tearing half of the bumper and flare of my 4runner which we had to cut in order to save what was left of it.Tried giving them a few loops to keep the chains in place but still didn’t inspire much confidence.A nice cloth rope works a lot better which is what my friends were using to hold down their chains.

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