REV-X Diesel Oil Additive & Fuel Kit – 4 oz Oil Treatment (2) + 8 oz Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

May 30, 2018 - Comment
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The automotive industry has an issue with stiction in diesel fuel injectors, like the ones found in Ford’s 6.0L and 7.3L PowerStroke engines. Where they start to experience static friction and fail to operate in proper time, this has become known as a “Stiction” issue for these engines. The stiction issue happens no matter what the temperature outside is, but tends to be amplified with colder temperatures and can make fuel injection systems fail to operate properly, causing numerous problems such as hard cold starts, excessive fuel usage, loss of power and even engine failure. There are many ways to release stiction, but these are still only a temporary solution to the problem. There has only been one product that has consistently proven time and time again to be the Stiction Fixer, and that is REV-X Oil Additive. BENEFITS WITH DISTANCE+ INCLUDE: – Added Lubrication Agents. Keep both new and old fuel injection systems running smoothly with reduced wear. – 8 Point Cetane Increase. For increased performance, economy and reduced exhaust gas temperature – Added Detergent Agents. Making sure the entire system stays clean for maximum performance. – Added Storage Agent. Extends fuel useful life from approximately 6 months to well over a year. – Water Dispersal Agent. Reduces harmful water in fuel systems. – Bio Fuel Neutralizing Agent. Reduces Bio-Fuel sediment fallout that plugs filters and pumps. – Reduced cranking on cold startup – Reduced Exhaust Smoke and Exhaust Emissions. – B5 thru B20 Bio Fuel Compatible. – Year Round Protection Distance+ offers protection down to 0º F – The most Concentrated Formulation available. Our 8oz bottle treats 200 Gallons

Product Features

  • Complete protection for oil and fuel system in diesel powered engine.
  • Full system cleaner for both the oil and fuel system for all diesel powered engines.
  • High Performance Oil Treatment: 8 fl. oz. will treat 12 quarts of oil.
  • Distance+ Diesel Fuel Treatment: 8 fl. oz. will treat 200 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Customers can’t be wrong, REV X works!


Roger Thompson says:

Stuff REALLY WORKS!!! Like most users of this product for my Ford 6.0 lt diesel I was very skeptical of the reviews. I don’t know how this stuff fixes the striction problem so fast , but it really does…I have told a few other 6.0 owners about it as well.We live in the Denver area now colder winters than San Diego where we bought the truck on 2005. Was less than impressed with performance here in cold, until I replaced the FICM and now using this additive. Ficm helped with cold starts , but this…

Amazon Customer says:

Worth it, great product.. I have a 6.0 powerstroke with 241k miles on it. The injectors was sticking on start up until the engine reached normal operating temperatures which cause the truck to feel like it a had a miss fire. I thought the only options was rebuild the injectors or replace. After reading the forums several other owners mentioned Rev-X. At first glance the product seemed very pricey but compared to replacing injectors it is just a drop in the bucket. During the oil change and adding 2 bottles of…

Thom says:

Customer for life. What can I say I saw this on You tube when I was looking for something that would explain why I was having sputtering and power loss issues with my 6.0 liter diesel. I did not realize that there was a fuel side as well as a oil/hydraulic side to the injectors. I run fuel additives with every tank of fuel and thought that would maintain and keep my injectors clean. This cleared my injector problem right up. I added it straight to the injectors from the filter canister like it showed on youtube…

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