Schumacher DSR124 15/30/70/330A 6/12/24V Fully Automatic Wheel Charger

March 2, 2020 - Comment
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Schumacher’s DSR124 15/30/70/330A 6/12/24V Fully Automatic Wheel Charger has a 330A engine start that is powerful enough for SUVs, trucks and large engines. Fully automatic microprocessor control prevents overcharging and damage to both the battery and unit. The 4/15A mode monitors levels and switches to maintenance mode when fully charged. Digital display with LED indicators and touch pad allows for easy use and user controlled start/stop interface.

Product Features

  • 330A engine start
  • 4/15A monitoring mode
  • 30/80A boost mode for a quick burst of energy
  • Fully automatic microprocessor control prevents over charging
  • Flash programing for consistent and stable power at OEM specific voltage up to 100 amps


Anonymous says:

Great Product – Great Service/Delivery I replaced a forty-year old charger. Wish I had done so much sooner. This charger is great/

Anonymous says:

Dead out of the box… Just had the opportunity to try out my new charger. Unfortunately, it was dead out of the box. I will be addressing this issue with the seller and Schumacher…UPDATE: 1/10/2020 – Finally received RMA authorization 8 days, not the 1-2 days promised, after waiting 30 min for customer service. Their warranty requires purchasers to pay shipping without consideration of reimbursement if they determined its a manufacturing defect. Cheapest shipping costs were estimated at $250 round…

Anonymous says:

Not recommended as of now. Length:: 2:32 Mins Schumacher customer service is great, once they realize you actually know what you’re talking about.My units flash programming mode didn’t work out of the box but they got me taken care of. Overall it’s a great charger, the desulfate mode works and brought back an AGM battery that was over 10 years old.Update: The flash programming mode works, however the current output is slow to respond and not stable at all. Like if you suddenly…

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