Seat Hoody Post-workout Car and Truck Seat Cover Protector. Universal Fit, Machine Washable, Grippy Nonslip Backing Technology. After a Workout, Hot Yoga, Beach Seat Protection (Aqua Arrow)

February 12, 2019 - Comment
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The Seat Hoody is designed to keep the sweat, dirt, and food you drop, off your vehicle seat! 100% machine washable, Fits standard seats. Easy On & Easy Off – No annoying hooks or buckles. Non-Slip Backing. Stays in place as you climb in and out of your car or truck. Made with absorbent poly blend fabric. Beautiful colors and patterns available.

Product Features

  • EASY TO PUT ON & REMOVE. NO CORDS TO ADJUST! 100% MACHINE WASHABLE – We created the hooded design to make a car seat cover that is easy on and off. There is no need to adjust any cords, straps, or buckles – no one has time for that! Simply place the Seat Hoody over your headrest, and you’re set! The Seat Hoody fits to your vehicle seat, stays in place with grippy, non-slip backing, and is easy to take off your seat for machine washing.
  • STAYS IN PLACE. SPECIALLY DESIGNED NON-SLIP BACKING MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE – High quality, specially designed non-slip grippy backing keeps the Seat Hoody in place as you climb into and out of your car. This grippy backing is high quality, durable, and it works. It will never rub off, stain, or stick on your vehicle seat. We promise.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Fits all standard cars and trucks! Width and length of Seat Hoody provide maximum coverage and protection for your seat and headrest.
  • COOL COMFORTABLE BREATHABLE MATERIAL – The Seat Hoody is made with a comfortable polyamide blend that is designed to absorb your sweat and protect your seats. It’s lightweight, machine washable and dryable. Plus, if your car seats get hot from the sun, the Seat Hoody fabric keeps your seat cool and comfy!
  • GREAT SEAT PROTECTOR AFTER A WORKOUT – Perfect for after hot yoga, running, crossfit, and a workout at the gym! The Seat Hoody is designed to absorb your sweat and protect your seat. After your sweat session, hop into your car knowing your seats are protected. PERFECT FOR AFTER A DAY AT THE BEACH – Protects your seats from sand and salt after a sunny day on the water! PERFECT FOR DOGS TOO – Dog lovers rejoice! Protects car seats from your furry friend’s claw marks and dirt.


Anonymous says:

Not “just a sheet”! While mine is new, it is not ‘just a sheet’. There is a rubberized backing to it that prevents it from moving all around like a sheet would. It has a sewed hood that slips over the headrest which also prevents it from moving around. The fabric is not cotton; it is made to absorb sweat/liquids. The strategic placement of snaps keeps it on the seat. Before I purchased, I communicated with the company because the main purpose is to cut down on the Arizona heat on leather seats. Alex gave me…

Anonymous says:

Great! Really happy with them Love the color options! I needed a seat cover that wouldn’t impede airbags in the seat. Most options I found horribly ugly until one day these popped up in my search! They look a little more “towelish” in person than the pictures show but not a turn off. I’ve had no issues with the cover slipping when I move around- even when I tried really hard to make them move. I’ve not tried spilling anything on them, and won’t do it purposely, but so far I really like them. The only thing that I don’t like…

Anonymous says:

Beautiful pattern, disappointing design. I have been looking at these seat covers on Instagram for a long time and finally took the plunge and placed an order. So here is my review:Pros:-Really really love the pattern-They do keep my seats clean-Easy to drape over the seat- Seem pretty sturdy so I’m assuming they will last awhileCons:-Ok perhaps I am doing something wrong but they do not stay well on my seats. Easy to put over seat yes but between my seatbelt and me getting in and…

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