SEG Direct Universal Car Windshield Sunshade, Snow Cover, Fits Cars SUVs MPVs Pickup Trucks Vans, All Season Protector – Reflects Sunlight and Prevents Snow Build-up, Extra-Large

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The SEG Direct Car Windshield Sunshade and Snow Cover protects your car in all weather conditions!
In summer, it can effectively reflect heat from the car’s interior, providing you and your family with a cooler and more comfortable ride.
When winter comes around, the cover protects your windshield from the effects of ice and snow.
This is a dual function windshield cover! No need to buy a separate sunshade and snow cover.
Order one today for safe and comfortable driving!

Product Materials:
Aluminum + PE Coating
Spunlace Sponge Pad
Woven Cotton
Non-woven Fabric

Package Dimensions:
14″x 10″x 2″

Package Includes:
1 x Car Windshield Sunshade and Snow Cover
1 x Storage Bag

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Since 2006, SEG Direct has been designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality car accessories, including Steering Wheel Cover, Seat Belt Pads, Car Neck Pillow, Cabin Air Filter, Car Garbage Bag, etc.
We choose high quality, environmentally friendly and healthy materials, employ advanced manufacturing techniques and maintain strict quality control during the whole production process.
Based on our industry experience and in-depth understanding of the market, we will continue to develop unique industry-specific products.
We’ll continuously strive to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory service.

Product Features

  • Cooler summer: The surface layer is made of high-quality Aluminum + PE Coating, which reflects sunlight, leaving your car cooler and effectively protecting the steering wheel, seats and interior from heat damage. Provides a more comfortable ride for your family and pets.
  • Winter protection: The inner layer is made of Woven Cotton, able to protect your windshield from snow and ice damage and improve visibility and safety in extreme weather. To make it even more useful, it indeed avoids much tiresome cleaning work.
  • Robust and durable: 4 adjustable straps secure the windshield to 2 rear-view mirrors and 2 door handles, preventing it from being blown away by strong wind.
  • Easy installation and storage: No tools necessary! Install with your bare hands in a minute. Put it away into the storage bag when not in use.
  • High adaptability: Extra-Large Size (61″ x 48″), suitable for most vehicles including Cars, SUVs, MPVs, Pickup Trucks, Vans, etc.


Anonymous says:

Awesome cover, but avoid operator error 😉 Other than it sticking to my windshield and door frames, which was MY FAULT, the cover worked just as described! I also bought one for the sister and nephew as birthday gifts, and they love it, too! … I had made the mistake of putting the cover on after a rain storm, without drying off the car. We had a sudden freeze with sleet and snow added, followed by 3-4 days of below freezing temperatures. Thankfully, I didn’t need the car for a few days and was able to let it thaw out naturally…

Anonymous says:

Fits fine and material seem alright right now. Fits my 2008 Ford edge perfect even with the antenna being towards the front of the roof. My 2014 Kia Forte, it’s a little lose on the sides and front. The material seems strong but I will see how it will last the winter in Massachusetts.Just a recommendation; I would have something label front and back on the cover so it’s easier to figure out which way it goes on.

Anonymous says:

Does not fit Ford Expedition It is not wide enough to fit my 2017 Ford Expedition. It needs to be about 18″ wider to be able to fit.This was disappointing as the cover appears well made and would be very functional on other vehicles.

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