Shmbada Rubber Tire Snow Chains Kit, Anti Skid Emergency Traction Aid for Car, Van, SUV with Snow Scraper, 4 PCS Used for 2 Road Terrain Tires, Tire Width: 165-285mm/6.5-11.2″ (M)

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Package Includes:
4PCS X Universal Anti-Skid Snow Chain
1Pair X Gloves
1PCS X Plastic Wrench(Ice shovel)
1PCS Non-Woven Storage Bag

A kit of four, One tire installed two,After driving 20 meters, Please check off to ensure that everything is normal,
Driving speed can not exceed 40 km / h,Snow chains are just ancillary products,Driving carefully is the safest.

★Type   :Tire snow chains (Universal)
★Material : TPU(chain)+Nylon(rope)
★Size:S, M, L (optional) Product images have instructions, how to choose the size
★Color   : Black
★Features : Antiskid,withstand low temperature,Toughness,wear-resisting
★Application : Frozen,sleet, muddy pavement,etc.
★Tire width : 6.5in-11.2in
★Model   :Sedan, SUV, MPV, etc.
★Installation: No jacks,quick manual installation Fitment
★Notes  : Tyre size should be checked prior to purchase

Choose it to make your winter travel better protection, I wish you all the best

Product Features

  • Easy to carry and easy to install don’t need to use lift jack or take down tires.
  • Works great for most of the sedan, SUV to take out of trouble from snow, ice, mud & more. (Fit Highway Terrain Tire)
  • Toughness and good withstand low temperature capabi can adapt to extreme cold weather and will not break and tear.
  • Easy to store, portable products you can put in any corner of the car.
  • Note: The snow chains is an emergency product, Do not use this chains on road that not covered in snow. What You Get: 4 Portable Anti-skid chains that NO noise and do not damage wheel hub and tires, 4 PCS can install two tires, 1 Plastic wrench Ice snow shovel, 2 Gloves, 1 storage bag, 1 instructions and provide a service of unconditional refunding.


Anonymous says:

avoid this product avoid this product. they did not work at all. fell off in slush – would not stay on tire. they are pretty flimsy bungy cords with plastic grips. fortunately I had tire chains that worked. please don’t buy these – they do not work at all

Anonymous says:

Did not work These did not work. I was on a narrow road with no place to pull off during a snow/ice storm. I decided it would be quicker to put the bungees on than chains. I got down the road about a mile and ran into a patch of road not covered in snow and the bungees came off. I lost one and the other three were on the axel. I had to get back out and untangle them and put real chains on. Sadly all that work to go five miles

Anonymous says:

FANTASTIC! (Not for some things) My driveway is a icy and packed snow hill during the winter.. I drive a small car that does not have good tires and has no room for chains/cables on the tires.. These are low profile and worked FLAWLESSLY in my driveway to get myself free. never slipped and doesn’t rub on my wheel wells!There are 2 situations that these are NOT for!1. Anything faster than 10mph…. These are held on by an elastic band for low speed situations and for short distances to get unstuck! don’t drive with…

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