Extreme Max 5600.3224 “The Devil’s Hair” ATV / UTV Winch Rope, Lime Green


Price: $39.27
(as of Feb 17,2021 03:38:55 UTC – Details)

Legend tells of a demon with such inhuman strength that just one of his hairs, properly harvested, could make a rope of untold power. So we descended into  the bowels of hell and brought back. The Devil’s Hair. Not really. But it would be cool if we did, right?  No devils were harmed in the making of this synthetic rope, but it is legendarily strong, and amazingly light. It’s so light that it floats, actually. The proprietary SynSteel braided line has the highest strength-to-weight ratio available (6,000 lbs. breaking strength); there’s nothing lighter and stronger.  Devil’s Hair is easy to handle. It doesn’t burr, fishhook or kink like cable, and it doesn’t have a memory. So go on, and get the devilish strength your winch demands and order up a dose of The Devil’s Hair. ( For optimal performance and maximum life, we recommend 5600.3096 MAGNA Polished Aluminum Universal ATV/UTV Hawse Fairlead for Synthetic Rope and 5600.3090 Universal ATV/UTV Rubber Hook Stopper & Line Saver.).

Synthetic winch rope fits all standard ATV and UTV winches
Proprietary SynSteel braided winch line with 6,000 lbs. breaking strength
3/16″ x 50′ with splice
Safer than metal winch cables or chains
1/7 the weight of steel winch cable, so light it floats


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