Pedal Commander – PC31 for Dodge Durango (2006 and newer) Fits: ST, SRT, SXT, Sport, SLT, SE, R/T, Limited, GT, Express, & All Other Models (3.6L 3.7L 4.7L 5.7L) | Throttle Response Controller


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Product Description

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Want To Accelerate Faster?

The Pedal Commander is designed to unleash the hidden power of your engine. It was developed to re-create the instant throttle response of old-school mechanically operated vehicles. (Throttle response is often confused with better power; however, throttle response is actually a measurement of how quickly a vehicle increases its power output when the driver accelerates)

The Pedal Commander is an advanced throttle response controller that allows for complete control over how you want your accelerator pedal to respond, whether it is faster (for instant acceleration) or slower (to improve fuel economy).

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Why We Need the Pedal Commander

The Pedal Commander is equipped with industry-leading features, providing our users with an unmatched experience.

The Pedal Commander will give you the instantaneous throttle response that is missing in modern vehicles.

With the Pedal Commander, you can finally experience 100% of what your vehicle has to offer. Take your vehicle’s performance back into your hands and drive the way YOU want.


36 Different Ways to Drive.

Easy Plug-And-Play Installation.

Bluetooth Compatible.

Industry Recognized and Safety Certified.

Tech Support

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Award Winning Product

The Pedal Commander is a three-time SEMA award winner, including recognition for Superior Data Quality. The Pedal Commander holds CE, E24, ISO 9001, and ISO 140001 certifications, compliant with health, safety, and environmental regulations. It is designed to give you a safe, reliable, and fun experience.

eco mode

eco mode

city mode

city mode

sport mode

sport mode

sport+ mode

sport+ mode

Eco Mode

ECO Mode allows you to maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 20% over the stock ratings. Its slower response also allows for better traction over terrains like snow, rain, mud, dirt, etc.

City Mode

Customer favorite, City Mode, gives your vehicle the response of an “old school” throttle cable, with a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle ratio. This mode is popular among daily drivers as it gives your vehicle a perfect balance of performance and practicality.

Sport Mode

Sport Mode is a favorite amongst spirited drivers looking to get-up-and-go. This mode allows for a significantly increased throttle response, and is not for the light-hearted. If you’re looking to make your daily commute more exciting, use Sport Mode.

Sport+ Mode

Sport+ Mode is the most extreme mode we have to offer. Its extreme high performance response allows your vehicle to accelerate like a race car. This mode should be used with caution!

Faster Acceleration: The Pedal Commander system eliminates the delay from your electronic gas pedal, allowing your Durango to accelerate faster, giving your vehicle a night/day difference in performance.
36 Adjustable Settings: Equipped with 4 different modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport +. Each mode has an additional 9 adjustable settings to fine-tune to your liking, making this the best Durango accessory.
Gas Savings: The Pedal Commander’s significantly slow Eco Mode response can help increase your Durango MPG and save you up to 20% in fuel economy.
Quick & Easy Installation: Pedal Commander is a simple plug-and-play device that takes only about 5 minutes to install. Now Bluetooth compatible so you can control the unit using our free Pedal Commander app.
Will Not Void Your Warranty: Pedal Commander will not void the warranty on your Durango or leave any trace behind on your ECU.


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