Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo (16 oz)


Price: $11.99
(as of Jan 01,2021 21:10:28 UTC – Details)

Chemical Guys “Strong Wash Bug, Tar and Grime Remover” cleans even the dirtiest cars that are obliterated by bugs, bird droppings, splatter, airplane fallout, tree sap, tar and general “gunk”. Formulated as a pre-wash concentrate to remove dried, squashed bugs from windshields, grilles, hoods, bumpers and headlights without harming your paint. Because of their tough exoskeletons and corrosive body fluids, bugs form a bond with your paint which means after washing, marks are still left behind. The last thing you want to do is use a rough brush or mitts to remove them, as this only induces more damage. Strong Wash will remove these bugs with ease along with other nasty fluids, oil and tar spots.
A must own for commuters, truckers, couriers, and fleet vehicle owners
Safely removes bugs, tar, grime, tree sap and bird droppings
Concentrated – 1 capful works with 1 gallon of water
Pre-wash saves time and energy by loosening stuck-on bugs and grime
Pre-wash prevents long term paint damage


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