DEUTSCHMOTOR 2 Pack Premium Microfiber car wash mitt Glove Scratch Free Machine Washable lint Free – Easy 2 Bucket wash Method


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2 Bucket Car Wash Method (recommended)

This guide is compiled to teach you how to wash your car without any risk of swirls or scratches. These scratches can be seen on almost every car, which is mainly caused because of wrong car washing methods; utilizing an old rag mitt, using less soap, or using only one bucket. 2 Bucket Car Wash Method will assist you in washing your car with zero scrapings of its paintwork. The whole idea is based on separating the dirt of the car from the clean water. Usually, with one bucket method, all the cleaning of the car AND the mitt is happening in the same bucket. Chances are, most dirt is going back to your car despite you cleaning it for hours. Here’s an easy solution that will leave you with a sparkling car with no scraps!

Tools needed for the 2 Bucket Wash Method

Two BucketsTwo Grit GuardsTwo Wash MittA Wash ShampooPressure Hose

Steps needed for the 2 Bucket Wash Method

Fill both the buckets with clean water and adjust the grit guard on the bottom of the bucket. Once the washboards are well adjusted, add car shampoo in one of the buckets, and leave the second with only clean water in it.

The tricky part here is to create subs by the pressure washer, some are available with foam cannons, which help in making the shampoo water soapier and foamy. Since the main source of washing your car is water and soap, the extra suds will help in avoiding scratches.

Rinse off your car with clean water from the hose, making sure all the loose dirt is taken off before applying soap to the car.

Take your washing mitt and dip it in the shampoo bucket. Scratches are essentially caused by the dirt present on the car, and when it’s rubbed against the car, the car paint is left with swirls and scraps.

The best way to avoid them is to use a washing mitt, instead of using any cloth.

Do NOT start in circular motions, instead wash your car from top to bottom, finishing the rocker panels last, considering most dirt is found on the bottom of the car. Bottom to top technique will bring dirt and debris on the top of the car, creating more chances of scratching your car’s paint.

Continue until your washing mitt is visibly dirty. Take it out and rub it against the grit guard in the clean water bucket. The dirt will be stuck beneath the grit guard and will prevent it from mixing it with the rest of the water. Dunk your mitt in the soap water again and wash the parts that are left. Remember to wash the top first and the bottom of the car at the last.

Rinse your car with the hose making sure all the dirt is going towards the bottom of the car.

Once you have washed and rinsed the car, use a towel with soft edges to prevent any damage to the car.

Two 2x Premium machine washable car wash mitt glove pads
Super soft microfiber material – non scratch – no lint – long last
Easy to take the dirt & dust away, holds huge amount of suds – safe for any car paint
2 bucket method is recommended – always separate the mitt from wheel wash
Soft elastic easy for the wrist – Sealed package since manufacturer – dust free


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