Kingneed GPS Speedometer Odometer HUD Digital Display 5.5 inch MPH/KMH with Over Speeding Alarm for All Cars Vehicles


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Product Description

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KingNeed Innovation LLC is one of biggest GPS Tracker/ GPS HUD manufactors in the world with 25 years more history.

We are focus on technology innovation and unique design based on customers required and feedback from all of the world .

We are on the way to keep quality same as start.

Welcome to choose KingNeed products and share your story to us.

gps odometer

gps odometer



gps speedometer

gps speedometer

GPS speed odometer

GPS speed odometer

Screen Display Settings

Slide the toggle switch up and hold to see the driving speed only, repeat to see full information display.
Slide the toggle switch down and hold to see time display at the bottom right corner, repeat to see altitude display.

Set over-speed alarm rate

Press Enter button once, show 001
Adjust the alarm speed rate with the toggle switch
The default alarm speed rate is 120 km /H.
A three times “Beep” sound alarm will be triggerd when over speed occurs. No more alarm will be triggered when over-speed is detected continuously.

Altitude value calibration

Press Enter button three times, show 003
Adjust the Altitude rate with toggle switch. The default rate is 850. Each time you slide the toggle switch, the altitude
will be increased by 5 meters or decreased by 5 meters. The setting range of calibration value is 750-950.

Timezone calibration

Press Enter button four times, show 004
Adjust the time zone rate with toggle switch.
The setting range of calibration value is -90 to 90 minutes.



Technical Parameters:

1) GPS location time: 1 to 5 minutes outdoor (Location time is based on GPS signal well, please keep speedometer in good GPS signal condition).

Notes:There is no GPS signals indoors.

2) Speed deviation: Since the speed data comes from the GPS satellite, slight deviation is unavoidable.

3) Input voltage: DC 5V Input current: DC 50-120mA. Power bank for power supply is supported.

4) Working temperature: -30 to 70C degree/-22 to 158F degree.

5) Driving data deviation is around 2%.

6) All driving data will be cleared when power off except the total mileage.

7) The GPS Speedometer did not completely waterproof, do not used for ATV directly.

kingneed gps

kingneed gps

More Brighter ! More Extend Display! More Beautiful!

More Brighter !

More Extended Display!

More Beautiful!



Quick Guide Map

Review our video on how to program every mode!

Or contact our kingneed service team, we are happy to support you in time.



Love it!

Safe driving!

Safe driving with kingneed GPS speedometer!

【5.5 inch EXTEND DISPLAY】 Extend Display make more easily and be comfortable to read. Speed in KM/H or MPH. Long press the Enter Button to choose speed unit you need. It can be charged 5V output voltage USB cable.
【OVER SPEED ALARM】 Press “Enter” button once, show 001. Adjust the alarm speed rate with the toggle switch. Once over speed, it will give a warning alarm. If no need the over speed warning, trun off alarm.
【ROTATABLE HOLDER】 You can adjust it to your desired angle with the rotatable holder. Strong sticker under the holder can fix the holder on the car console steadily. So it is easy to use and make your driving safely.
【24 MONTH WARRANTY】 Any questions, please contact to us by email, we are happy to support with professional service in time to make you have a satisfactory shopping experience.


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