WonVon Throttle Response Controller,9 Drive 9-Mode Universal Electronic Throttle Controller for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018


Price: $79.89 - $71.89
(as of Feb 11,2021 07:06:59 UTC – Details)

1. Shorten the response speed of the electronic throttle
2. Improve the electronic throttle’s sensitivity
3. Plug and play without external power supply
4. 9 modes adjustable
5. It can get inio the original car mode while revsersing for optional
6. Super bright  digital display screen

1.The product can improve the car handling ability by control the sensitivity of car throttle controller switch,and make it better adapt to different driving habit and road conditions.  
2.Five Modes as below:
P1 Comfortable Mode
P2 Sports Mode
P3 Racing Mode
Normal Mode
EC Fuel efficient Mode  
3.There are 9 levels ( 1-9) for the acceleration, the acceleration sense from weak to strong is very obvious, and no effect the throttle control capability.

P1 Comfortable Mode acceleration effect:15%
P2 Sports Mode acceleration effect:45%
P3 Racing Mode acceleration effect:60%
EC Fuel-efficient Mode save fuel:3%-8%
Material:Acrylic panel
LCD color:Green
Product size: 50x30x6 mm

How to install
1.Pull away the interface of the accelerator pedal
2.Connect the throttle controller cable plug with accelerator pedal interface
3.Tear the protection paper on the back of Throttle Controller, and stick it on the central console


Package Included:
1x electronic throttle controller host
1x accelerator pedal cable
1x English manual(English only)
1x host cable 1x cable ties

[FUNCTIONS] The Electronic Throttle Accelerator Controller is a booster which control car throttle open to improve the sensitivity driving experience of the car to adapt to different driving habits and keep in a better driving conditions.Solve the slowly start. Increase the throttle respond speed. Improve the instantaneous acceleration. Decrease engine carbon deposition. Avoid vehicle go forward suddenly. Fuel-efficient. Achieve the best speed rate
[9×9 DRIVING MODES]This car Electronic Throttle Accelerator includes NINE different driving modes and NINE strength levels adjustment in each driving mode, you can find the most suitable mode and level in different road or different driving experience.
[CLEAR DISPLAY AND EASY ADJUSTMENT]The Electronic Throttle Accelerator has a 3words LED display and 3pcs adjustable buttons,you can see the modes number and strength level on the display, which you can adjust the mode through the buttons conveniently.
[EASY INSTALLATION]Install this throttle accelerator when the car is power off and do as the user manual or installation photo,just plug and play. All adjustment must be in a SAFE driving convenient.
[Fitment]ONLY Suitable For Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018


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