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“So maybe you’re hosting a pool party, and the bulk of your visitors are – let’s say – kids, complete with their toys tucked under their arms; and maybe a few of your girl-friends. Guess what they both have on common? Both groups will definitely love to play! And that’s where the Hello Kitty inflatable coaster comes in! Use it as a floating tray, keeping drinks afloat above the water, or use it as the kids’ play thing, or maybe even as a cute accessory in pictures in the mandatory group selfie! However you may use it, it’s sure to help liven up the party. So buy your very own Hello Kitty Inflatable Coaster now!”
TOUGH YET TENDER. Our pool coasters are made of thick, durable soft-touch vinyl, which means it doesn’t rupture or tear easily for maximum fun while swimming in the beach or pool.
VERSATILE. When fully inflated, the cute mini floaty cup-holder’s dimensions will be measuring 8.5×8.5×3 inches (22x22x8 cm). So, whether it’s a water bottle, a can of beer, or a cup of your kid’s favorite fruit juice, it’s sure to fit!
WON’T TIP OVER. Well built so it floats, evenly balanced, even when loaded. It’s like having your own personal floating tray! Such are accessories that fun parties shouldn’t start without. It’s like a cute mini boat for drinks, minus the paddle.
SAFE TO USE. Made of eco-friendly, BPA-free, non-Pthalate, non-toxic material so these floaties don’t irritate the skin. Whether you, a 25-year old adult, or your 3yr old daughter will be using it, it will totally be amazing. You can enjoy swimming with it worry-free!
CHIC DESIGN. Cute iconic Hello Kitty design – fun to look at floating in the pool, serving cups of drinks to the thirsty pool party goers!


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