Car Seat Protector Cover Neoprene Premium Durable Quality Waterproof Universal Fit Without Brackets Non-Slip Water Resistant (Black)


Price: $24.99
(as of Jan 29,2021 05:22:06 UTC – Details)

It’s not always easy to please everybody, but when you are taking your family or friends for a road trip, they all have to feel comfortable and safe during the journey. The Rainung seat cover has all the features you need for protecting your leather seats and keeping them intact. The product is made of breathable neoprene, a light material which protects the seat and lets your skin breathe at the same time. You won’t waste any precious time installing the seat protector because this action can be done within a few seconds and remove it’s also an easy task. The Rainung product is great for the busy lifestyle in the city. This premium seat cover has another important feature being a universal fit, so it is suitable for a wide range of different car models from different brands. It doesn’t matter if you are driving alone in the car or with family, we know that you want to take care of that beautiful leather interior. From now on you can go to the gym, take your pets in the car and let your kids play worry-free because you have the Rainung seat protector to take care of everything. This premium non-slip cover shields the seats against odors, dirt, gym sweat, stains, pets mat, sand, and water. So now, you can happily go to the beach or to the gym because the waterproof feature „has your back”. Choose quality and safety, choose the Rainung car seat cover!

PREMIUM CAR SEAT PROTECTION: The Rainung car seat cover offers a premium protection for your car interior. It maintains the quality of your leather seats, assuring comfort while driving for short or long distances.
EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: This car seat protector can be switched on/off with a single gesture. Being such an easy task you won’t have to worry about wasting time installing it.
COMFORT AND SAFETY: It is safe for your car seats and comfortable for you and the entire family. Enjoy your drive and keep your eyes on the road, knowing that Rainung cover gots your back.
UNIVERSAL FIT: There’s nothing more convenient than getting a car seat protector which is suitable for different car models. The universal fit assures you that Rainung cover will be adequate for your car, no matter the brand.
SHIELD AGAINST STAINS: This non-slip protector creates a shield against all the exterior factors that could affect the quality of your car seats. Now you can take your car to the gym, to the beach, even take your pets with you knowing that your seats are protected against sweat, odors, stains, pets mat.


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