B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System RV Truck TPMS with 6 Sensors for Car RV Truck Tow Motorhome Travel Trailer’s Pressure and Temperature (RV TPMS)


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Tire pressure monitoring system with 6 sensors save gas,forsee air leakage,reduce tire wearout,balance tire pressure,ensure safety driving 

How to set the sensors into correct tire? 
1. Turn on your monitor(press the right button for 5seconds until monitor is on) 
2. Press “set” button for 3~5 seconds(no release) until the monitor enter into parameter mode, and press left button or right button to the page which you can see “on” near the tire or two “–” near the tire.
3. Press “set” button one time, the tire and “–” flashing, then take out the tire(which number is corresponding to the flashing tire). For example, “1” sensor is corresponding to left front tire. and you should tighten the sensor into the tire, then release, repeat 1 or 2 times, you will see “–” turns into “on”, then this sensor is matched to the tire. 
4. Repeat step 3 to other sensors until all sensors matched. 
5. After pairing successful, Press “set” button until 3~5 seconds to exit to standby mode. 

Note: Please power on the monitor first. Otherwise, The pressure and degree may show up on the monitor after a long time. 

Displayer Parameter :
Working Temperature:(-20℃-80℃) 
Storage Temperature:(-30℃-85℃) 
Input Voltage:DC5V 
Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz 
Size( L*W*H )mm:119*34*24mm 

Sensor Parameter :
Working Temperature:(-40℃-105℃)
Storage Temperature:(-40℃-120℃) 
Pressure Range:0-130psi(0-9bar)
Pressure Precision:±1.5PSI(±0.1bar)
Temperature Precision:±3℃ 
Transmitting Power:<[email protected]Ω
Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz 
Battery Life:2 years 

Package Content:
1x T650 Monitor
6x Sensors
6x Theftproof nut
1x USB power cord
1x Anti-slip mat
1x Spanner
1x Open cover wrench

【Solar Power&USB Charging】: The intelligent wireless system with 2 charging ways which ensure the tire pressure monitoring system will work continuously, rechargeable lithium battery to get electricity can increase the tires life. Solar and USB charging bid farewell to traditional wiring.
【Suitable for 4-6 tires】: Real-time monitoring the temperature and pressure with high degree accuracy for 4-6 tires simultaneously and can automatically change the corresponding data, LCD display mode ensure the high resolution ratio and guarantee the high-definition and no splash screen condition.
【Precise Sensor Connection】: The TPMS adopts USA imports Freescale chip design for better and more stable and accurate signal transmission. Light weight design for sensor for easy installation. Support tire position exchange function. IP5K4K Sensor waterproof grade can avoid various harsh climate. ( Optional purchase repeater which is suitable for strengthening the signal when the distance exceeds 6 meters and the signal is weakened to ensure the reliability of the received signal.)
【Balance Tire Pressure】: The system supports fuel-saving, air leakage forseeing and tire wearout reducing and balance tire pressure which will ensure safety driving. Equipped with RF wireless technology can auto-alarm when tire pressure and temperature is abnormal. With two pressure unit “PSI,BAR ” and two temperature unit “℃,℉” for option. Please unscrew the sensor to match again or start the car for meters when one of the sensors’ values can’t be shown up at the first time.
【Order with Confidence】: Buy a lifetime service, your satisfaction is the first, the product has any problems, please let us know within 1 year, we will be happy to help you! Installation instructions and technical support are available in 24 hours!


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