Marathon 4.10/3.50-4″ Flat Free, All Purpose Utility Tire on Wheel, 4″ Centered Hub, 5/8″ Bearings


Price: $30.33
(as of Feb 16,2021 09:24:15 UTC – Details)

Eliminate downtime with the Marathon Flat Free, All Purpose Utility Tire and Wheel Assembly. The tire is 10.5″ in diameter and is compatible with many types of utility equipment such as zero-turn, push or finish mowers, air compressors, pressure washers, generators, blowers, hand trucks (dollies), garden carts, and more. It is made of solid, polyurethane foam that has the same bounce and handling feel as an air-filled tire. It won’t leave marks on any surfaces and will not deteriorate when left exposed to sun or moisture. Best of all, it’s guaranteed to never go flat. Note: not for highway use. The Marathon brand features a full line of air filled and flat free tire and wheel assemblies for lawn and garden and commercial/industrial equipment. This includes universal fit and exact match options to accommodate nearly every application. Count on Marathon for quality, easy-to-install products at a great value.

4.10/3.50-4″ (10.5″ diameter) with a 4″ centered hub and 5/8″ ball bearings.
This tire and wheel assembly is commonly used on lawn mowers, air compressors, hand trucks (dollies), generators, pressure washers and other utility equipment. Also compatible with rigid or swivel casters.
Comes pre-mounted on a solid steel, silver wheel for quick and easy installation.
Has the same feel and handling of an air-filled tire, but guaranteed to never go flat.
Features a load capacity of 250 pounds and a sawtooth tread for the perfect balance of traction and maneuverability.


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