Snow Joe Edge SJEG01 Ice Scraper with Brass Blade

September 11, 2016 - Comment
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The Snow Joe Edge ice scraper with brass blade is a must have for winter survival. This handy winter tool features a durable brass blade that effectively cuts through frost and ice on car windows and windshields in just one swipe. And, since brass is softer than glass, you’ll easily scrape through light or heavy frost or icy frozen mixes without leaving a scratch. Inefficient plastic scrapers require multiple passes and still don’t get the job done. With the Snow Joe Edge you’ll get quick work out of any ice that gets in your way. Its comfort grip handle makes it easy to use and it’s compact enough to hit neatly inside your glove compartment. Stay at the cutting edge this winter with the Snow Joe Edge-your reliable winter tool for any ice or frost emergency.

Product Features

  • Effectively removes frost and ice from car windows and windshields
  • Durable brass blade will not scratch glass
  • Easy grip handle makes ice removal effortless
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Stores conveniently in glove compartment


cameraf4 says:

Should come with every car Some winters just laugh at little plastic windshield scrapers. This one gives you a fighting chance against thick ice build-ups.

David E. Biggar says:

Super Ice Scraper This ice scraper is the best that I have found in the past 20 years. The handle is flexible and the brass blade is 4 and 13/16ths inches long. It will work for all but the toughest ice and I wouldn’t use it for the thick hard ice anyway as it might bend the brass. This ice scraper is well worth buying.

NasTraDooMis says:

Handle too thin and flimsy 🙁 This is a great size brass blade ice scraper but the handle is too thin and flimsy. If you grab handle midway up the scraper does not seem to hold any pressure good at the blade for an adequate scrape of the ice on windshield. I have to hold it at the base of the handle to get full coverage(length of blade) pressure to get a good scrape in one pass without any skipping or repeated scrapes in one pass. Hopefully that makes sense, LoL 🙂

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