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Car Tire Chains Anti-slip Snow Chains Ice Chains Cable Traction Mud Chains Slush Chains Snow Tire Chains All Season Tire Anti-slip Chains for Cars.
Our car snow chains can fit most cars, vans, trucks and provides a great grip on snow, sand, mud. They do no harm to car tires and endure ultra cold weather and low temperature even it is 40 degrees below zero. No need to use lift jack or take down tires, all men and women can set them up.we recommend that you use winter traction products on all four tires, unless your owner’s manual strictly prohibits it. This is especially important on front-wheel drive vehicles.
Meet the perfect tire chain, Your best friend in journey.
1.High-tech Mixed Material (TPU)
2.Bears low temperature and endures abrasion
3.Touches the ground covered with high rigidity alloy nail, skid-resistant
4.Does not damage the tire
5.No shaking when the vehicle is running
6.Insure a comfortable drive with less vibration and noise
7.Maximum traction with minimal brake distance and skidding
8.The small square links and the short length of each cross chain minimize wear and breakage
9.Easily operated chain tensioning system
10.Fast installation and removal in minutes without the jack, or move the car
Warm reminding
1. Maximum 40km/h
2. Not install beside or on blow whole and break pads
3. No slamming on brake, no sharp turn
4. For tire width: 185-225mm/7.2-8.9inch
5. Stop use if chain on the cleats fall off
6. Not for iron wheels
7. Avoid unsnow-covered road, sharp edged objects, dry pavements or flat ground
8. Stop using when feel abnormal sounds

If at any time during use you hear any contact of the chain to any vehicle part remove chains immediately. To maintain greater control of your vehicle during cornering and braking.
Replacement or refund policy in any case!

Product Features

  • SUPREME QUALITY- The tire chain is made of high-tech mixed material (TPU) , like beef tendons, with metal clips, no lifting jack or remove tyres needed while using.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN- The car safety chains comes widener tyre chain with screw type icebreaker steel nails design , increase resistance and good strong grip. Fixed fastener, with advanced steel, durable, safer and stronger. The back of icebreaker is smooth and no convex, which can protect tire. What’s more, there has designed anti-slip granules on surface of tire chains, more durable and anti-skip. Addition, adopt elastomer between rubber and plastic, resistance to abrasion, anti tear,
  • EXCELLENT ANTISKID PROPERTY- The tire chain comes thickened anti-skid chain with icebreaker steel nails, provide a good strong grip for snow day, mountain climbing and mud.
  • WEAR-RESISTING AND ANTI-TEAR- Tire anti-slip chains is made from high-tech mixed flexible material (TPU) , resistance to abrasion, rip stop, excellent buffer and shock-absorbing function
  • LOW TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE- Our slush chains resistant to low temperature of minus 50 degrees celsius, which is must have for driving in winter.


Anonymous says:

They work great I really do not know how I do not have these bra They work great

Anonymous says:

Saved us in a Blizzard. Our all wheel drive SUV got stuck in deep falling snow in a blizzard at night while looking for our rental cabin. The terrain and deep snow did not allow us to put on our metal chains, but these chain straps went right on and got us right out of where we were trapped. They even took us up an unplowed road to where we finally found our cabin. So they were the perfect back up solution that was a better solution for the circumstances. They will become tight on the wheels as they get pushed…

Anonymous says:

N/A That good.

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